Bunch of Indian Muslim handles gang up to target Hindus living in Middle East, send them to jail by branding them ‘Sanghis’ and accusing them of Islamophobia

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There appears to be a sinister attempt underway to target Hindus by a section of Indian Muslims on Twitter, especially Hindus living in Gulf countries. Recently, they had managed to get a Hindu man in UAE in trouble for making comments against Muslims in TikTok who were claiming that offering Namaz for five times a day was enough to ward off the threat off the Wuhan Coronavirus. Rakesh B. Kitturmath, who worked as a team leader at Emrill Services, an integrated facilities management (FM) headquartered in Dubai, was terminated from his job on Thursday. He is currently facing the prospect of doing jail time in Dubai for allegedly insulting Islam. This, while he had not insulted ‘Islam’ rather mocked the people on Tik Tok saying that doing Namaz regularly will save them from Coronavirus, which is indeed, a mockworthy assertion to begin with.

Even so, it appears that the bloodlust of Islamists hasn’t been satisfied and they are yearning for more. One Twitter User, Rizwan, who uses the username @RizwanRzaKhan, a 21 year old from Delhi as per his account, is compiling a list of ‘Islamophobic Expat living in Islamic countries’. In other words, it appears to be a concerted attempted at jeopardizing the health of Indians abroad who are remotely critical of Islam.

Islamists are creating a ‘hitlist’ documenting Indian Expats

Islamists are working overtime to go after ‘Hindutva terrorists’ who are working in the Middle East. Lists of relevant emails of the authorities in the respective countries has been compiled so that Hindus ‘hiding in the middle east’ can be sent to jail or threatened.

Islamists compile list of emails where Hindus can be reported to

Rizwan is a supporter of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. H had made only 58 tweets as of the time of writing this report. He has an Instagram handle with the same username. He had joined Twitter in December 2012.

Rizwan retweeted a tweet that called Arvind Kejriwal the best Chief Minister in the world

One of the users tagged in Rizwan’s tweet, @DeadZedb, got one Balakrishna Nakka, living in UAE, terminated from his job for sharing memes on Facebook mocking the Taliban and Tablighi Jamaat. He claimed that the cartoons showed Muslims as suicide bombers and spreading the Wuhan Coronavirus as part of a conspiracy when, in fact, the cartoons clearly mentioned Tablighi Jamaat and the Taliban.

Islamists are engaging in targeted attacks against Hndus in the Middle East
A cartoon shared by Balakrishna that got him terminated from his job

The user @DeadZedb is also attempting to unleash the Police in Muslim countries on Hindus for comments made on social media against Jamia Milia Islamia University. He urged Muslims to send screenshots of one user’s tweets to the latter’s employers in order to get him fired from his job. He also tagged the Police so that he could be sent to jail.

The user wants to send Hindus to jail for criticizing Jamia Milia Islamia University

The other person tagged in Rizwan’s post is @brumbyoz, an Islamist bigot who refers to Hindus as ‘cow people’. @brumbyoz too has been instrumental in the hate campaign against Hindus living in the Middle East. He is prone to calling Islamic countries ‘civilized’ and insulting every other country under the Sun as, being the bigot that he is, only Islamic countries can be considered free of ‘Jahaalat’.

brumbyoz calls Hindus ‘cow people’

Apart from such people, other individuals such as former journalist Irena Akbar are also involved in the targeted campaign against Hindus in the Middle East. Then there are handles such as @bigotry_watch who are participating actively in the campaign as well. Apart from Hindus in the Middle East, Hindus in India are being targeted as well. And Hindus are being targeted for something as inane as pointing out Tablighi Jamaat’s role in spreading the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Hindus being targeted by Islamists for innocuous memes
The meme due to which Islamists reported a Hindu to his employers

The matter of concern here is that Hindus are being targeted for criticism of organizations such as Tablighi Jamaat whose Islamic fundamentalism has jeopardized the health of individuals in entire countries. Criticism of one specific organization cannot be labeled as Islamophobia and attempts to equate criticism of a single Islamic missionary organization with spreading hate against the entire Muslim community and Islamophobia reeks of malice on the part of the individuals concerned. Quite clearly, it is an thinly veiled attempt to unleash the state machinery of Islamic countries against Hindus under the garb of fighting Islamophobia.

It is unfathomable to imagine a scenario where such antics by Islamists won’t further dent the spirit of communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims living in India. If a section of Indian Muslims work overtime to target Hindus living in the Middle East, it is bound to have some sort of repercussions in India. However, it appears that the Islamists haven’t thought through their actions and the enmity they are sowing within the country could lead to devastating events in India.

Authorities in India will have to take note of the targeted attempts against Hindus in order to prevent the situation from escalating further at which point serious chaos could erupt within the country. The Islamists, due to their bigotry, who often live abroad are jeopardizing communal harmony in our country. Unless checked and curbed with immediate effect, it has the potential to lead to something much worse.

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