When NRC is done, all stakeholders will be consulted: Home Minister Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah/ Image Source: India Today

On Saturday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah clarified that the decision to implement National Register of Citizens will be done after consulting all the stakeholders. Speaking to Aaj Tak, Home Minister said that there was no plans to bring NRC currently, but it will be done in future, he added.

However, the Home Minister said that when NRC is brought in the country, every stakeholder will be consulted to ascertain their views.

“NRC has not come in yet, when it comes, there is no talk of bringing it, even if it comes all stakeholders will be consulted,” Home Minister Amit Shah said as he responded to certain concerns regarding the documents that may be required to prove citizenship if NRC is implemented.

In his interview with Aaj Tak journalist Anjana Om Kashyap, the Home Minister also spoke regarding several achievements of the Modi government upon the completion of one year in office. The Home Minister mentioned regarding the abrogation of Article 370, the establishment of a Ram Mandir trust, the criminalization of Triple Talaq and also the historic Citizenship Amendment Act.

“These issues have been ongoing for a long time. The migrants have been seeking asylum in India since Independence. Article 370 was introduced as a temporary measure by the Constituent Assembly. Ram Janmabhoomi case was the country’s oldest case,” Home Minister Amit Shah said adding that for the past 60 years, these issues have been connected to the country’s unity and integrity, social justice and popular sentiment.

States have fought battle with centre against coronavirus: Home Minister

The Home Minister Amit Shah also mentioned that all the states have worked in close cooperation with the centre in the last few weeks to tackle the Chinese pandemic coronavirus.

Home Minister Amit Shah said that each state did its part to the best of its abilities. “We have reached this stage (containment of infection) because of this coordination between the Centre and states,” Home Minister Amit Shah said praising states for their role in tackling the pandemic.

The Home Minister also said according to India’s federal structure, each state has a different governments with different political parties at the wheel but they have all fought this battle well, this is the truth, he added. He also said, “Since Modi ji is the Prime Minister, he has approached this crisis in an organised manner.”

This is Home Minister Amit Shah’s first interview to media after his absence in the public domain last month, leading to various speculation about his ill-health. However, Amit Shah had informed people and BJP workers that all theories surrounding his health were just rumours.

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