Journalist points out that the list of ‘buses’ sent by Priyanka Gandhi to UP includes auto-rickshaws, Congress threatens him with FIR

Congress threatens journalist Sushant Sinha

The Congress party, which suffered a major embarrassment after the list of 1000 ‘buses’ sent by Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi was found to contain blacklisted numbers, cars and even three-wheeled autorickshaws, has now resorted to threatening journalists for pointing errors in their list.

On Tuesday, Executive Editor of India TV – Sushant Sinha, took to Twitter to question Gandhi-scion Priyanka Gandhi regarding the details of blacklisted autorickshaws, motorbikes in her list of ‘buses’, which she had promised to deliver to Uttar Pradesh government to transport stranded migrant labourers.

In his tweet, Sushant Singh committing a typo had tweeted that Priyanka Gandhi had promised 10,000 buses instead of the 1,000 buses. However, within minutes, realising it, he corrected it stating that it was a list of 1,000 buses which Priyanka Gandhi had promised to UP government to ferry stranded migrants.

The Congress, however, decided to bully and threaten India TV journalist Sushant Sinha with an FIR for criticising Priyanka Gandhi’s list of ‘buses’.

Taking to Twitter, the Uttar Pradesh Congress targetted Sinha by referring to him as fake news peddler and said that a case will be filed against him in Rajasthan. The Congress party claimed that attempts to not let the stranded workers return home will not be successful.

Responding to the threat, Sushant Sinha said that the Congress party has continued its FIR politics by threatening him. He added that the Congress party wanted to silence and threaten people whom it fails to control. Instead of attacking him, Sinha asked the Congress party to send an original list of Priyanka Gandhi containing the details of buses she had promised to the Uttar Pradesh government.

Priyanka Gandhi’s list of ‘buses’ to Uttar Pradesh government

On 16 May 2020, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had tweeted a letter wherein she had written to UP government seeking permission to ply 1,000 buses for migrant workers. The Uttar Pradesh government had accepted Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s offer of providing 1,000 buses for migrant workers and asked the list of drivers and co-drivers of these 1,000 buses so that the UP government can make use of them in bringing back the migrant workers.

After Uttar Pradesh Government asked for a list of buses which were offered by Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for ferrying migrants, the Congress party had published a list of about 200 vehicle registration numbers with corresponding names of some individuals next to them.

However, in a major embarrassment to Congress, the list of ‘buses’ sent by Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi was soon found to contain the numbers of blacklisted vehicles, cars and even three-wheeled autorickshaws.

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