Chickens at poultry farm in Kerala lay eggs with green yolk, KVASU launches study

Green Yolk eggs Courtesy: New Indian Express

Seven hens in a poultry farm domesticated by AK Shihabudheen are laying eggs which surprisingly have green yolks. Ak Shihabudheen is a native of Othukkungal in Malappuram. About nine months back, a chicken, who was little smaller than the other chicken, laid an egg with green yolk. The picture of the same went viral on social media.

Researchers from the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University(KVASU) has launched a study on the phenomenon of special hens and eggs.

Green yolks tastes same like yellow ones

Interestingly, after more eggs were hatched, the newly matured hens also started laying green yolk eggs. Shihabudheen said, “When we found that we could hatch chickens from these eggs, we began consuming the green eggs. The news of this egg phenomenon spread after I shared some pictures on social media a couple of weeks ago.” Shihabudheen clarified that those green yolks taste exactly like the yellow ones.

He said, “Many have approached me for green eggs. But, now, I’m keeping them for hatching. The eggs will be sold after the scientists of the Mannuthy KVASU complete their study on the phenomenon. The scientists are of the view that some special feed consumed by the hens might be the reason behind them laying eggs with green yolks. However, I did not give any special feed to these hens.”

Can take three or more weeks to understand the reason

Assistant professor at the KVASU, Harikrishnan S asserted that that it may take three or more weeks to identify the reason. He said, “Some earlier researchers say it is possible to change the colour of the yolk by providing the hens with some special feeds. We are looking into that possibility.”

He said that they will provide normal chicken feed to Shihabudheen’s hens who will be a part of the research study. The feed is developed by the university.

He added, “We will observe the hens at the university. After three weeks, if the hens lay white eggs, we can confirm that the hens were eating something special at the farm. If the hens lay green eggs even after the three weeks, we will have to do more studies to find out the exact reason behind the phenomenon.”

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