Mumbai: BJP leader Nitesh Rane makes a startling claim, says BMC stopped identifying patients as ‘suspected Coronavirus’ cases to downplay numbers

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The coronavirus outbreak in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai, appears to be spiralling out of control. The city, one of the most densely populated, has been a potent coronavirus hotspot, contributing massively to the state and the country’s total tally of COVID-19 caseloads.

However, as the contagion rampages through Mumbai, BJP leader Nitesh Rane has made a shocking claim about the number of coronavirus cases being underreported in the city. Accusing the administration of lowballing COVID-19 cases, Rane asserted that the authorities in Mumbai have ceased categorising patients suspected of coronavirus to reduce the total number of cases reported from the city.

Rane claimed that the numbers being reported daily by the officials doesn’t reflect the true extent of coronavirus outbreak in Mumbai and the count of actual coronavirus caseloads may likely be well above the suggested official numbers. Rane has also alleged the BMC of employing face-saving tactics to mask their incompetence in handling the coronavirus outbreak.

Many Twitter users concurred with Rane’s allegations against the BMC, accusing them of underreporting the coronavirus cases in the city. Some even claimed that the administration is now mentioning “Pneumonia” as the cause of death to reduce the number of fatalities due to coronavirus.

Another Twitter user said that he also suspected that the administration was betraying the public by releasing incomplete information about the number of deaths due to coronavirus. He claimed that he had asked the BJP top brass in the city to check with the crematorium workers in Mumbai about the number of dead bodies bought for last rites amidst speculations of administration downplaying the degree of outbreak.

Coronavirus cases in Mumbai skyrocketing

Of late, the coronavirus cases in Maharashtra, particularly Mumbai, have been surging at an alarming rate. In a highest-ever single-day rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in Mumbai, at least 998 cases were reported on Thursday, taking the city tally to 16,579. About 25 patients succumbed to the infection, taking the fatalities count to 600+.

The state-appointed coronavirus task force has asked the government to reserve 80 per cent of beds both in private and government hospitals for the next two days, indicating that the city has entered the most crucial phase of its battle against the coronavirus. Dr Sanjay Oak, who leads the task force, raised alarms saying almost 20,000 people might need hospitalisation in the upcoming days.

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