Pakistan, drinking pigeon sh*t slurry won’t cure coronavirus, leave the kabootars alone!

Peer Pinjar Sarkar in Pakistan has a strange 'cure' for coronavirus

Pakistan, when is not keeping itself occupied plotting ways to export terrorists to India, is busy finding new ways to torture poor pigeons, it seems. Recently, a preacher in Pakistan claimed that drinking pigeon poop mixed in water is a sure shot cure for coronavirus.

A Pakistani preacher ‘Peer Pinjar Sarkar’ has discovered a ‘cure’ for coronavirus. The video is from March 2020 but recently it became viral on social media.

At around 8 minute, 30 seconds into the video, the preacher claims that he has discovered the ‘cure’ for coronavirus. Pointing his head, Peer Pinjar Sarkar says that Allah has filled the cure for coronavirus ‘there’. “I have perfect cure for coronavirus. It is Allah approved. These pigeons you find everywhere, keep calling name of Allah. Take the pota (undigested food from the inside of the intestinal(?) sack of the pigeons) and then take the fluids from stomach membranes of three pigeons and cook both and drink that water. You will never get coronavirus,” the preacher claims. Then as if the bringing the popular ‘potato-gold’ type analogy a la Rahul Gandhi, the preacher adds, “Anyone who contests this, let me tell you that a pigeon digests all poison and hence it is the cure for coronavirus.”

Hearing this, the crowd starts cheering for Allah.

Pakistani quacks and pigeons

Pakistanis have a strange love-hate relationship with pigeons. On one hand they want to send them to spy in India, on other hand they want to do unmentionable things in name of ‘curing’ illnesses. Last year, a few videos had gone viral on social media where wild pigeons were used to ‘cure’ hepatitis B.

In an undated video that has gone viral on social media, a man in Pathani kurta and pyjama, an outfit which is quite common in Pakistan, is lying down as another man, perhaps a quack demonstrates how a pigeon could ‘suck’ out hepatitis the man is suffering from by pressing the pigeon’s anus on the navel of the man. While the text of the above tweet is sarcastic, referring to the quack as a doctor and mocking the practice, the fact that Pakistanis, and some Islamic and Middle Eastern countries, indeed believe in such cures instead of medicine is not something that should be completely ruled out.

Another viral video showed how a quack cured Hepatitis C with help of wild pigeon. He explains that the patient should be laid down and on his navel, the pigeon’s anus should be pressed and sit. In 5-10 minutes, the pigeon would die. As soon as one pigeon dies, the bird should be replaced. When the pigeons stop dying, the patient is ‘cured’.

And now, instead of killing the poor birds, Pakistani quacks graduated to making poop slurry to cure the deadly virus.

Seriously, just leave the poor birds alone.

Nirwa Mehta: Politically incorrect. Author, Flawed But Fabulous.