Delhi Minorities Commission Chairman stands by his comments threatening Hindus, claims he is fighting to save the country and Constitution

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Delhi Minorities Commission Chairman Zafarul Islam has declared that he still stands by his incendiary comments after he was booked on charges of sedition by Delhi Police. He said that it was ‘erroneously’ reported by sections of the media that he had deleted his tweet containing the crude remarks and deleted it. Zafarul Islam said that he had apologised for the tweet only because the timing of the tweet was incorrect, given that there is a pandemic underway but he does not see anything wrong with the comments themselves. He said that he stands by his words and convictions.

Zafarul Islam added, “The tweet is very much there on my twitter handle and facebook page. Moreover, I have said in my 1 May 2020 statement that I stand by my views and convictions. I will continue, now and in future, the fight against hate politics in the country. FIRs, arrests and imprisonments do not change this path which I chosen consciously to save my country, my people, the Indian secular polity and the Constitution.”

The Hateful Comments by Zafarul Islam

On Tuesday, Islam shared a provocative post on Facebook to thank Kuwait for “standing with the Indian Muslims” and attacked Hindus by referring to them as “Hindutva bigots”, who according to him miscalculated the reaction of the Arab world about the “persecution of Muslims in India”. Shockingly, the Delhi Minority Commission chairman hailed notorious radical Islamist and terror sympathiser Zakir Naik in his post as he claimed people like Naik are respectful household names in the Arab region and Muslim world. “Mind you, bigots, Indian Muslims have opted until now not to complain to the Arab and Muslim world about your hate campaigns and lynchings and riots. The day they are pushed to do that, bigots will face avalanche,” he added.

The Apology by Zafarul Islam

On May 1, Islam tendered an apology, saying that his tweet was “ill-timed” and “insensitive” in light of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak. While apologising, he claimed that the matter was blown “out of proportion. Zafarul Islam further accused the media of fabricating and distorting hi statements. He added that the would continue to defend India on crucial issues as doing otherwise would be against the Constitution and his religious beliefs.

Slammed by National Minorities Commission

In a video message, the National Commission of Minorities Chairman Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi stated, “National minorities Commission condemns the statements made by Zafarul Islam which are divisive in nature. Zafarul Islam should not have forgotten that people of all religions have been living in harmony for centuries and have faced all calamities together.”

Rizvi also stated that the Delhi Minorities Commission Chairman should remember that despite vehement opposition from an Islamic nation like Pakistan, many Arab nations have honoured our PM Modi with the highest civilian awards of their countries. Rizvi added that strict action should be taken against Zafarul Islam for his hateful comments.

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