‘If 20 Indian soldiers were martyred, China lost at least double that number’: Union Minister General VK Singh

Image Credit: PTI

Union Minister General VK Singh made a significant statement regarding the India-China conflict in Ladakh. During an intrview with News24, he said that Indian soldiers had eliminated over 40 Chinese soldiers during the recent conflict where 20 Army men were martyred. The Retired General said that India had suffered the loss of 20 soldiers but at the same time, China had suffered at least more than double the number.

The Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways also said that India had also captured some soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China. And they were returned later on. He said that such things are not spoken of because they do not mean anything.

General VK Singh also said that some parts of the Galwan Valley have been under the control of China since 1962. Therefore, they continue to occupy those position even now. But he emphasised that parts of the Galwan Valley that are under the control of India are still in our control.

The specific number that General VK Singh has provided of the number of deceased in the PLA have not yet been stated in public by the Ministry of External Affairs or others in the government. However, the Prime Minister in his address to the nation has asserted that the martyred soldiers went down fighting and official statement by the Indian Army had asserted that there had been casualties on the Chinese side too.

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