Haryana: Police seized 2572 cowhides tucked away in homes and warehouses in Mewat’s Nuh

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In a search operation to curb the rampant smuggling going on in the Nuh district of Haryana, police recovered as many as 2,572 cowhides stashed in homes and warehouses from the Jamalgarh village. Also, the police retrieved a Tata 407 vehicle from the village.

A case has been filed against those who have been found in possession of the cowhides at Punhana police station. The police have assured that all the smugglers involved in the case will be arrested soon.

Police conducted raid at Jamalgarg on June 10

As per reports, following the orders of SP, DSP Vivek Chaudhary conducted a search operation in the village Jamalgarh on June 10 from 5 am to 7 pm. Before commencing the search operation, the police had cordoned off the village so that nobody could flee the village. Door-to-door search campaign was conducted. 

During the search, the police found a large number of cowhides and a vehicle from the village. The police had received a tip-off that some inhabitants of the village indulged in cow slaughter for selling its meat and skin in Delhi and Hapur. The police were informed that if they raided the village, huge quantities of cowhides will be recovered.

A vehicle and warehouses laden with cowhides found in Jamalgarh

During the raid, when police reached a certain Asif’s house, they found that 9 people were loading a Tata 407 with cowhide. Seeing the police, the accused left the car and ran away. A case has been filed against the accused identified as Ninna alias Nizam, Salamu, Dinu, Ahmed Hussain, Babudin, Asar, Ilyas, Mamman Niwasian.

The police got hold of about 414 cowhides from the vehicle. They later raided a warehouse built in Asar’s house from where 620 cow skins were found. The raids at the godowns built in the houses of Nizamu, Farukh, Haseem evinced a total of 1060 cowhide. Following this, raids were conducted at warehouses built in the houses of Dinu, Ahmed Hussain, Ilyas, Mamman and cow skins were recovered from there. On counting, a total of 478 cow skins were found. Accused Ninnah alias Nizam, Farooq, Hasim, Dinu, Alli, Aasif, Nizam, Mustakim, Niyazu were found in possession of a total 2572 cow skins and a Tata 407.

Haryana: A hotbed of cattle smuggler

Of late, Haryana has emerged as flourishing grounds for the cattle smugglers. In July 2019, a young man named Gopal was killed for opposing the cow smugglers. Similarly, there have been several cases of violent attacks by cattle smugglers in Haryana and UP. Cattle smugglers have even been known to fire at police officials. Haryana’s Mewat region is considered the hotbed of cattle smuggling and illegal slaughter.

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