Truth about the ‘haunted’ park in Jhansi, UP, where people alleged ‘ghosts’ were exercising on a swing that moved on its own

Image Credit: One India

A video had gone viral on social media recently where it was claimed by users that ‘ghosts’ were exercising in a park at Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. The video, which captured UP cops gathered around a swing, displayed the swing moving on its own without the apparent involvement of anyone else. Users commented that the video was ‘scary’.

Some tweets making the claim had earned over a thousand retweets on the social media platform. The video did appear quit unsettling to the naked eye.

However, UP Police has now come forward and offered an explanation into the mystery that dispels any fear people might have regarding wandering spirits in what appears to be a friendly neighbourhood park. Additional Superintendent of Police, Rahul Srivastav, said that the Police had ‘laid siege’ and discovered that it was the work of some mischievous individuals.

Srivastav assured that the miscreants will be locked up in a ‘haunted’ prison soon. Jhansi Police said that the supposed work of ghosts is actually due to the application of excessive grease. The grease ensures that the swing keeps moving for a short while after its movement has once been initiated.

Jhansi Police said that some mischievous individuals had recorded a video of the incident and released it on social media, following which UP Police descended on the scene to investigate the matter. The Police said that they are on the lookout for the pranksters and assured that the rumour of the ghost is merely that, a rumour.

OpIndia Staff: Staff reporter at OpIndia