Watch: Bull refuses to be parted from cow, reunited after video of him chasing the vehicle cow was being transported in goes viral

Bull trying to stop the vehicle carrying a cow

A touching video of affection between a bull and a cow in Tamil Nadu is doing the rounds on the Internet. In the video, a bull is seen circling a lorry, sticking his head in to protest against the transportation of the cow he is smitten with. The heartbreaking visuals show the bull tenaciously chasing the lorry carrying the cow for over 1 kilometre in order to stop it from taking away the cow.

The moving visuals from Palamedu in Madurai went viral on Monday morning in which the bull was seen desperately circling the lorry over and over again, presumably in a bid to rescue the cow that was being transported. The bull tries to stick his head in through the grills of the vehicle and grunts, opposing the transportation of the cow. The cow too looks at the bull, clearly unable to step out of the carrier and unite with him.

Bull and cow were reared together

Manajamalai, the bull was reared with the cow, Lakshmi, by a resident of Palamedu, Manikandan, who runs a tea shop in the area. Manikandan sold his cow and had loaded it to his carrier for transportation. However, the bull could not tolerate the separation and valiantly followed the vehicle for over 1 km, attempting to stop it from taking away Lakshmi.

“The cow in the video is Lakshmi and she belonged to my family for the last four years. We are facing financial difficulties because of the lockdown and had decided to sell Lakshmi to a milk farm. We were transporting Lakshmi on July 12 afternoon at around 1 pm and the village bull came in search of it,” Manikandan said.

Bovines reunited after the video pulls at the heartstrings of the residents

The touching video of affection between the two bovines pulled at the heartstrings of the residents across the state who saw the video, and soon people began contacting Manikandan to offer him money to bring Lakshmi back. The current owner of the cow had asked Rs 40,000 from Manikandan to get Lakshmi back.

This incident also came to the notice of Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, O Panneer Selvam’s son, O. Jayapradeep, who extended his assistance by paying up the money sought by the buyer and recovering the cow. He later donated the cow to the temple and reunited the bovines.

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