Tahir Hussain not only planned and instigated the mob, but was also pelting stones and petrol bombs at Hindus: Chargesheet

Tahir Hussain and the petrol bombs found on his roof

The Delhi anti-Hindu riots have been one of the brute and macabre displays of street violence displayed by the Islamist mobs in recent times. Over 50 people died in the riots from both communities, Hindus and Muslims. The most ghastly cases that emerged from the riots were the murders of IB staffer Ankit Sharma and sweet-shop worker Dilbar Negi. While Dilbar Negi was dismembered and burnt alive, Ankit Sharma was mutilated, murdered and dumped in a Chand Bagh drain by a Muslim mob spearheaded by AAP leader Tahir Hussain.

In the charge sheet filed in the case of Ankit Sharma’s murder, it was found by the Delhi Crime Branch that Tahir Hussain had met Khalid Saifi and Umar Khalid in January at Shaheen Bagh. It was there that the plan for the riot was hatched between the three. It has also been revealed that Khalid Saifi had met Islamist preacher Zakir Naik in Malaysia to ask for funding for the riots. Moreover, it was revealed that Tahir Hussain got money in shell accounts that were then used to fund the anti-Hindu riots.

So far, Tahir Hussain’s involvement was revealed to the extent of planning the anti-Hindu riots in Chand Bagh and funding the riots. It was also found that he was instigating the mobs to pelt stones, acid bottles etc against ‘Kafirs’ (Hindus).

The charge sheet filed in the Ankit Sharma murder case now reveals that Tahir Hussain not only planned the riots and instigated the mobs, but he was also at the roof-top pelting stones and acid bombs at Hindus of Chand Bagh himself.

Tahir Hussain charge sheet

Pradeep Kumar Verma, a Hindus whose garage was gutted by Tahir Hussain and other Islamists has told the police that first, Shah Alam, Gulfam, Riyasat Ali and others broke open the shutter of his parking, burnt and damaged vehicles and also looted Rs 20-22 thousand.

While this was happened, Tahir Hussain and others like Liyakat Ali were throwing stones, petrol bombs towards the parking lot and also instigating others to do so.

Pradeep had earlier went on record and attested to journalists that he had heard the mob chanting ‘Hindu hai, maaro”, (kill them, they are Hindus).

Here is what the mob did to Pradeep’s parking space.

Parking space gutted by Tahir Hussain and his mob
Parking space gutted by Tahir Hussain and his mob

Another witness, Surendra Singh, who was present at the parking space that belonged to Pradeep also corroborated the chain of events in his statement to the police. He too said that Tahir Hussain was pelting stones and petrol bombs at the parking space.

Tahir Hussain charge sheet

Another witness had the same version to tell the police.

Tahir Hussain charge sheet

The witness statements as recorded in the charge sheet completely shatter the defence that was mounted by Islamists and Leftists for Tahir Hussain when videos of him walking about on his terrace surfaced during the Delhi riots.

In a so-called ‘exclusive’ interview with the Leftist propaganda portal The Wire, Tahir Hussain claims that he is “innocent and a victim of communal violence myself”. He is heard saying in the video clip, relayed by The Wire on Twitter, that he should not be targeted for being a Muslim. He says he has full faith in the judiciary and claimed that justice will be done.

Interestingly, Tahir Hussain had made similar appeals in another ‘exclusive’ interview with India Today, just before surrendering in court.

Several Islamists had pled the case for Tahir Hussain and claimed that he was innocent and had actually called the police to save him from the rioting mobs during the Delhi riots.

However, now, the details that have emerged in the charge sheet prove that not only was Tahir Hussain planning and coordinating the riots that broke out in Chand Bagh, but was also throwing stones and petrol bombs at Hindus who he deemed as ‘Kafirs’.

OpIndia Staff: Staff reporter at OpIndia