Netizens ask Netflix to cancel comedian Kenny Sebastian’s special show after he hurls obscene abuses

Comedian Kenny Sebastian's obscenely abusive comments get viral on social media (image courtesy:

Social media users are demanding that Netflix reconsiders special show of Indian comic Kenny Sebastian after he was allegedly found hurling obscene abuses to people on his Instagram page.

In some of the comments on a post, Sebastian can be seen hurling abuses like ‘teri maa r*ndi’ and other such obscenities.

In his defence, Sebastian took to Twitter to claim that the screenshots making rounds on social media are ‘fake’. He claimed that the abuses posted from his account were ‘manipulated’ as he reported an account of someone who he claims was ‘abusing his religion’.

However, netizens then shared screen video recording of their phones to show that the screenshots taken were not manipulated as claimed.

Soon netizens questioned Netflix and Amazon Prime, the online streaming services, which have hosted shows by him whether they endorse his abusive behaviour.

Some even pointed out he went on an abusive spree few days back when people did not like his show.

Netflix and Amazon Prime

The online streaming platforms have been recently under scanner as many have taken objection to the content streamed on these websites. Recently, Netflix’s film “Krishna and His Leela” stirred up a storm over its Hinduphobic content insulting Lord Krishna. Another film Chippa on Netflix was also accused of having offending content. The film by Safdar Rahman had mocked Lord Hanuman.

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