Pakistan: Kitten allegedly raped by 7 boys for over a week, dies dude to multiple organ failure

A Pakistani organisation named JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter had shared about the gruesome incident in a Facebook post, image via Facebook

In a shocking incident, a kitten was reportedly raped by a 15-year-old teenager and 6 of his friends for over a week in Lahore, Pakistan. The information about the gruesome incident was shared on Sunday by a Pakistan-based NGO named JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter.

Reportedly, following animal abuse, the cat could not eat, sit, or sleep due to trauma. The veterinary doctors had recovered sperm samples and plastic bags from the animal’s body. According to them, the rape was so brutal that there was virtually no separation between the anal and the vaginal region. The post read that the abuse had damaged the kitten’s internal parts so severely that sperm and blood kept on leaking. Multiple plastic bags, allegedly used by the boys to rape the animal, were found in her body by the veterinarian.

Accused is the son of the family who had bought the kitten

The post by the animal shelter read that the kitten was bought by a family in Lahore and the boy who, with other friends, had committed the crime is the 15-year-old son of the family. A local girl who was suspicious about the abuse had kept an eye on the kitten and the boys. The girl had also reportedly offered the family to take the kitten but she was refused.

The animal shelter page had also added that it was the fifth case of animal sexual abuse they have faced.

Multiple organ failure

As per the report, the kitten was abused to such an extent that she died due to multiple organ failure. The carcass was then left in a nearby dumpster. While the veterinary doctor conceded that the feline was raped, he refused to give it in writing to avoid involvement in the case. However, the mother of one of the accused has dismissed all allegations of rape. She said, “My son did not do this. Someone from the street must have done it.” A girl, under the assurance of anonymity, reported about the incident to the NGO. The animal rights organisation has condemned the heinous crime and demanded that all culprits be brought to justice.

Need for sex education

“Some rapists will get another dog or cat or a monkey. Because it is so much easier raping the voiceless and weak as they wont even be able to tell what you devils did to them right? You know this voiceless don’t have laws and are not taken seriously here, so you chose them to rape,” the post emphasized. The NGO demanded serious therapies and sex education programs urgently to fix the issue of animal abuse, despite the opposition of orthodox mullahs.

“The kitten is buried and surely speaking to God up there about what ever happened to her in this cruel world. This is Pakistan, and these are Pakistani men. Men are choosing animals for rape now after women and minors,” the Facebook post emphasised about the grim situation.

The NGO also emphasised that there is an urgent need for animal rights laws, a action force and helpline to deal with such situations. it also lamented that in a country like Pakistan where women and children do not get justice after heinous rape cases, who will care for an animal.

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