Rahul Gandhi loses even in Twitter poll by India Today

Rahul Gandhi lost an online poll by India Today

Rahul Gandhi has lost another poll, this time an online Twitter poll by India Today.

After India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai and others were left shocked that PM Modi continues to be the favoured leader in its own Mood Of The Nation survey, India Today ran another Twitter poll, this time asking who would be best suited to be next Prime Minister of India. Many had speculated that the poll was done under pressure from Congress and they were hopeful of winning it. This victory, would then have been converted into news by India Today employees like Rajdeep Sardesai. Unfortunately, Rahul Gandhi even lost this poll.

Amusingly, India Today’s other poll also binned Rahul Gandhi and his monologues which the media house tried to pass off as criticism.

India Today and Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi and India Today

India Today in an Easter-esque manner, has time and again resurrected Rahul Gandhi as the next big thing. It is quite evident from the cover page of India Today over the months where Rahul Gandhi has ‘come of age’ every few months.

Samples of Rahul Gandhi on India Today cover page

It is almost as if India Today has waited, with baited breath, for Rahul to turn water into wine and pull a miracle out of his politically-challenged personality, but, has only ended up with a loaf of rotten bread and Roohafza in its hand.

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