Gonda temple mahant masterminded a staged attack on priest to frame a rival, seven including priest arrested

Gonda pujari had staged the attack on himself, Police investigation reveals

In a startling turn of events, it has been revealed that the priest who was shot at in Gonda earlier this month had staged the attack on himself. He did so to frame his rivals, an investigation by the Uttar Pradesh Police has revealed. Seven people, including the priest Samrat Das have been arrested.

As per reports, the Ram Janki temple mahant Sitaramdas got together with the village head to frame former Amar Singh and planned the shooting. The priest, Samrat Das, who was injured, was also injured in the conspiracy. The police on Friday arrested seven including the Mahant, the priest, the village chief and his son in the case. Police recovered three country-made pistols, three live cartridges and four mobile phones.

On 10th October night, priest Samrat Das of Ram Janki Temple in Tirre Manorama village of Etiathok police station area, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, was shot at. He was rushed to the hospital in Lucknow where he underwent treatment. However, it has turned out to be a case of personal rivalry where the entire attack was staged by the victim himself.

The SP said that Ram Janki Temple in Tirre Manorama village had 120 bigha land over which there was a rivalry between former village head Amar Singh and Mahant Sitaramdas. The former village chief was also having political rivalry with the current village chief, Vinay Singh. Hence, Mahant Sitaramdas and Vinay Singh joined hands to get Amar Singh framed in serious crime.

Hence, under the conspiracy, on 10th October, Neeraj Singh, Munna Singh and Sonu Singh reached the temple at shot the priest. On hearing the gunshots, the home guards came rushing and the trio shot at them too. However, they missed the shots. The priest is currently undergoing treatment at hospital. He will be arrested once he recovers.

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