Comedian shares image showing a bloody decapitated head of Donald Trump on election night, days after beheadings in France

Image Credit: CBS News

Unfunny comedian Kathy Griffin has once again shared the gruesome image on social media where she could be seen holding a caricature of the severed head of US President Donald Trump. She had shared the image in the past as well and she was condemned for it widely by people across the political spectrum.

Kathy Griffin tweet

Kathy Griffin did not post any caption to go with the photograph. But as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Her morbid hatred for Donald Trump was evident in her tweet. In May, 2017, she was fired by CNN for sharing precisely the same image. However, on election night, with uncertainty looming over the results, she decided to post the image once again.

The timing of the tweet appears to be in very poor taste as a spate of beheading is underway across Europe with Islamic terrorists taking offence to cartoons on prophet Muhammad. At a time when Europe is struggling to deal with Islamic terrorism, for Kathy Griffin to proudly shared an image depicting the bloodied severed head of Donald Trump does not bode well for the country under current circumstances.

Furthermore, there is genuine possibility of violence in the United States as uncertainty looms over the results of the presidential elections. Crucial states such as Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are too close to call with Joe Biden having taken the lead in Wisconsin as of the time of writing this report with 5% of the votes remaining to be counted. Donald Trump has announced that he will approach the Supreme Court and the winner is unlikely to be declared on election night.

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