“Bharat ko hai Bharat ko bachana”: Man praises PM Modi in his song creating awareness about coronavirus, video goes viral

Video of man singing a composition to create awareness about coronavirus goes viral

As the threat of the resurgence of the coronavirus outbreak looms over India, social media websites are abuzz with videos where people are seen using novel and striking ways to create awareness among others about the COVID-19 pandemic. One such video that has captured the imagination of thousands of people and has gone viral on the internet is about a mellifluous rendition of a beautiful composition, presumably made by the man, to generate awareness among people.

The video was also shared by Information Consultant to the Uttar Pradesh government, Shalabh Mani Tripathi, on his official Twitter page. “Iska naam hai corona, Iska naam hai corona,” Tripathi tweeted along with the video clip.

In the video, a middle-aged man clanging a Dafli(Tambourine) and singing a song can be seen. Through his composition, the man advises various measures that one should follow to stave off the threat of COVID-19.

The man sings how PM Modi has advised wearing masks, drinking warm water and maintaining social distancing as precautionary measures to combat coronavirus. He also sings how PM Modi has urged citizens to try and feed the hungry and take care of the elderly in such testing times. “Bharat ko hai Bharat ko bachana (India has to save India),” he sings. He also urges everyone to stay at home.

The composition attracted a torrent of praise on social media websites, with social media users applauding the man for conveying the coronavirus safety measures to the public.

A resurgence of coronavirus outbreak in India

As winters are approaching, there is a marked spurt in the coronavirus cases in some parts of the country. It has, therefore, become all the more important that people continue to adhere to the coronavirus norms set by the government and do not let their guard down. Delhi, the country’s capital is in the throes of a violent surge of the coronavirus crisis. In last one month, it has emerged as the city with the highest number of coronavirus recorded in the country.

Similarly, the coronavirus outbreak in Ahmedabad has also reached alarming levels, forcing the government to announce a 57-hour curfew that ended today morning. Several public events have been called off and people have been strictly advised to follow the coronavirus guidelines when they are out of their house.

With winters slowly engulfing the entire country, the cases of coronavirus may spike and it is therefore essential that people do not slip into complacency and continue to comply with the coronavirus guidelines mandated by the government earnestly.

OpIndia Staff: Staff reporter at OpIndia