Pope Francis caught ‘liking’ a bikini model’s bawdy picture on Instagram

Pope Francis(L), Bikini model Natalia Garibotto(R)

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State, was recently caught ‘liking’ a sexually titillating picture of a bikini model named Natalia Garibotto. The official Instagram account of Pope Francis is making the headlines after eagle-eyed social media users pointed out that he had like a racy picture of a bikini model.

One of the social media users, Barstool Sports, was sharp enough to spot Pope Francis’ online indulgences and shared a screen recording showing the pope’s Instagram name in the likes section of her photo. The account shared the screen recording with caption “Pope Francis is horny as hell”. “Franciscus”, the official Instagram handle of Pope Francis was seen in the list of accounts who had liked the picture.

In the picture, Natalia was seen wearing suspenders and an outfit resembling a Catholic school girl.

When Natalia Garibotto was informed about the ‘like’ on her picture by Pope Francis, she found the situation amusing. She jocularly noted, “At least I’m going to heaven”, after Barstool Sports’ tweet showing Pope Francis among thousands of those who had liked her picture on Instagram.

It is not clear though whether the ‘like’ from the Instagram account of the bishop of Rome was accidental or intentional. Shortly after social media users created a fuss over the ‘like’ by Pope Francis, the photo was unliked by the head of the Catholic Church.

Twitter users react after Pope Francis liked a lewd post

The incident had the Twitter users in conflict as some called out the Pope on the issue while others criticised the Twitter user Barstool Sports for his comment against the pope. One of the Twitter users lambasted Barstool Sports, asking them to immediately take down the tweet.

However, another said, “That’s my kind of pope”.

Still another user took a dig at the Pope, saying he’s got 83 years to catch on. The comment was in reference to an announcement made by Pope Francis in which he had said masturbation is no longer a sin. The screenshot of the same announcement was shared in the tweet.

One Twitter user commented, “Even the holiest of men can’t resist”.

Commenting on how eventful and unexpected 2020 has turned out to be, one Twitter user said that the Pope falling for a thirst trap is a great way wrap up the year.

Some of the Twitter users also took sarcastic digs at the Pope Francis in connection with the rampant cases of pedophilia prevalent among the Christian pastors. “I mean hey at least it’s not kids,” one Twitter user replied.

Pope Francis had said having good sex is a ‘divine pleasure’ “directly from God”

Several users linked the incident to the pope’s announcement earlier this year where he said having good sex and food are “divine” pleasures that come “directly from God.”

According to a newly-published book of interviews, the Pope had reportedly told writer Carlo Petrini that the church has “always accepted human, simple, moral pleasure”.

“Pleasure arrives directly from God, it is neither Catholic, nor Christian, nor anything else, it is simply divine,” Pope had said.

“The Church has always opposed inhuman, brutish, vulgar pleasure, but has always favoured and accepted human, simple and moral pleasure,” he said.

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