Pratibha Patil is trending on Twitter and it is not what you think. Read details

Former President Pratibha Patil with Congress President Sonia Gandhi (image courtesy:

Former President of India Pratibha Patil was trending on Twitter earlier today.

Pratibha Patil trending

It is 2020 and we have come to expect the worst in a year full of pandemic, earthquakes, cyclones and locust attacks. However, it is not what you think. Turns out, she is trending as an answer to the question “who is the worst President of independent India”.

Twitter user @atheist_krishna on Monday asked a question on Twitter on who is the best and worst President independent India has had.

While Dr APJ Abdul Kalam topped the list of the best Presidents independent India has had, Pratibha Patil emerged as the worst president by a huge margin beating the hugely forgettable Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed.

Some even mentioned ex-Vice President Dr Hamid Ansari who recently expressed his displeasure on ‘aggressive nationalism’.

And then there were some who had to be corrected with #NotOurPresident. And some even joined in the fun by indulging in meme wars. Erm.

Pratibha Patil as President

Former Congress leader and Sonia Gandhi loyalist Pratibha Patil served as India’s President from 2007 to 2012. Her tenure has been one of the most insignificant ones and was more known for spending way too much of taxpayers’ money for her foreign travels. Her foreign trips with her family members, cost the exchequer as much as Rs 205 crore. She would frequently take her entire family including grandchildren for foreign holidays on our money.

An RTI query had revealed that as President she had transported over 150 gifts she received from foreign dignitaries to her homestate in Amravati instead of depositing them in national treasury. She was asked to deposit them all at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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