Mirzapur: Three Brahmin boys found dead, family says they were murdered with eyes gouged out, police deny

Bodies of three boys found from water reservoir in Mirzapur, image via Amar Ujala

In a shocking incident, three young boys of the same family in Bami village in Mirzapur district have been found dead. The family members are alleging that the boys have been killed and their eyes have been gouged out.

According to the reports, the three cousins – 14-year-old Sudhanshu Tiwari, 14-year-old Shivam Tiwari and 14-year-old Hariom Tiwari were mysteriously found dead near a pond near their village.

Reportedly, on Tuesday, the three youths had left to a nearby forest in search of berries and never returned to their houses leaving the parents worried. The parents began to search for their kids with the help of other villagers. However, they could not find these kids and returned home at night.

On Wednesday, the family along with the villagers again began their search for their kids. However, a search party informed that they had found clothes of one of the youths lying near the Lehdia Bandhi area in Bindhyachal.

Bodies found from water, family alleges murder, claims eyes have been gouged out

As soon as the family received information, they immediately rushed to spot only to know that their kids were dead. The police officials also reached the spot immediately. With the help of villagers, a search was conducted in the water reservoir and three bodies were found. As per some media reports the bodies had some injury marks and all thee had the eyes gouged out.

Due to the alleged injury marks, the family have been asserting that the children have been murdered. They also claimed that their eyes have been gouged out. The family of the children blocked the highway in a protest demanding an investigation into the case. However, the police is of the opinion that the boys may have drowned.

On social media, the images of the bodies are going viral and there are many claims that their eyes have been gouged out.


The family members also took the body from the police custody and protested near Lehangpur market along with the dead bodies of the deceased.

They were in the village to attend a wedding

Sudhanshu, son of Rajesh Kumar was the eldest child and has a younger brother and sister. Shivam, son of Rakesh Kumar was also the eldest and has a brother and sister. Hariom, son of Munnalal Tiwari was the eldest child of his parents too. Rakesh Kumar Tiwari and Munnalal Tiwari are both brothers and Rajesh Tiwari is a cousin.

Sudhanshu and Shivam were students of class 8 in Vindhyavasani Higher Secondary School. Hariom was in class 8 in an English medium school in Naini, Pryagraj.

The family had gathered at the village on the occasion of Rajesh Tiwari’s sister’s marriage on November 30. After the farewell ceremony on December 1, while the family went to rest, the three boys reportedly decided to go in search of berries in the woods.

Police deny murder or brutality angle

The mirzapur Police have denied murder or brutality in the case. They said that prima facie, it looks like a case of drowning. In a video, Mirzapur SP has stated that he was present at the scene and has seen the bodies. He asserted that the bodies had no injuries on them and the claims on social media that the bodies had eyes gouged out are wrong. The added that a team of 3 doctors will examine the bodies and then the cause of death can be assertained.

https://twitter.com/mirzapurpolice/status/1334157284985823232?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw https://twitter.com/mirzapurpolice/status/1334218294006484992?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

The SP added that they have started an investigation into the case.

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