‘Friend’s dogs up for adoption as his bride doesn’t like dogs’ viral tweet on Twitter has bizarre twists

Viral tweet of 'dogs up for adoption as friend's bride does not like dogs' has bizarre twists and turns

On 30th November, a tweet went viral in which a man had claimed that two dogs, a 6 year old black Labrador and a 3 year old golden Labrador were up for adoption.

Viral tweet calling for adoption of two Labrador dogs

In the tweet, Twitter user @somberiii claimed that his friend is getting married and is putting his dogs up for adoption as his bride does not like dogs. While some netizens showed willingness to adopt the dogs, many expressed anger at the man’s friend and his new bride.

Many suggested that the man should’ve called off the wedding instead.

Two days later, he tweeted that the dogs have been adopted.

Earlier too similar post have gone viral on social media where man had claimed that his wife does not like the dog triggering hateful messages towards the woman.

However, there is a twist in the tale.

Siddharth Vipin, Tamil Nadu based music composer took to Twitter to say that he is the real owner of these two dogs and they were never really up for adoption.

Siddharth Vipin’s tweet

Siddharth Vipin tweeted that he’s the owner of the dogs and the dogs were never up for adoption. Vipin had in August 2017 posted pictures of his two dogs.

Siddharth Vipin’s Instagram post

In fact, Siddharth Vipin stated that he just wanted a place which could foster his dogs for about a month as the place where he usually takes them is booked.

He said that he has been getting thousands of calls every day asking for adoption of his dogs.

In a further twist to the tale, a social media user and animal lover Megha Jose tweeted that she had indeed spoken to Siddharth Vipin and his team for adoption of the dogs.

She said that first his relative had called them up to look for home for the two dogs. Following that, her team got in touch with him to verify the request.

She said that knowing the reason why he was looking to get his dogs ‘adopted’ was sensitive, his identity was not revealed. She asked whether it was a sort of misunderstanding on part of everyone.

At the time of publishing this report, Siddharth Vipin has not yet replied. We shall update the report once he responds and clears the air.

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