The deafening silence of the ‘lambs’ who egged the ‘protestors’ who turned into an unruly mob on Republic Day

The celebrity Punjabi singers are silent on the violence unleashed by 'farmer' mob on Republic Day

Remember ‘Punjabi’ celebrities who extended the support to ‘farmers’? How singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh ‘won hearts’ and ‘broke the internet’ with his comebacks and very public spat with actor Kangana Ranaut? Since the ‘farmers’ blocked the roads at Delhi border, Dosanjh has been tweeting vociferously in their favour.

“Liberals” went crazy, hailing him as the new hero and even pegged him as next Punjab CM or even ‘Canada PM’. This even after he has openly extended support to Pakistan’s ISI backed Khalistan. In June 2020, a demand for an FIR against Diljit Dosanjh was raised after he was seen supporting Gurpatwant Pannu’s and Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) demand for Khalistan. Ludhiana MP Ravneet Singh Bittu had urged Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh to order that FIR’s be filed in every police station of the state against singer Diljit Dosanjh and two others.

Another such ‘celebrity’ who has been very vocal to support ‘farmers’ has been singer-actor Harbhajan Mann. In fact, he even reached Delhi to participate in the tractor rally.

Another Punjabi singer JazzyB had also joined the ‘farmer’ protest at Tikri border earlier and sung at the concert there to extend support to the ‘farmers’.

He even tweeted yesterday his support to the tractor rally.

However, when the protesting mob charged towards the Red Fort and put it under siege, just few kms away from the official celebration of Republic Day, these celebrities, who egged the ‘farmers’ to ‘fight for rights’ went deafeningly quiet.

Diljit Dosanjh has only tweeted his wish for Republic Day, nothing more.

Diljit Dosanjh’s Twitter timeline

Similarly, Harbhajan Mann’s last tweet is of the rally where he referred to it as ‘historic peaceful farmers’ rally’. Prior to that, he had tweeted a picture of himself en route to Delhi to participate in the ‘peaceful rally’.

But the violence that was unleashed on Delhi cops, where the ‘farmers’ wielded swords, rode horses, deliberately tried to kill the policemen by trying to run tractors over them, pushed them into the ditch at Red Fort and went on to unfurl the Nishan Sahib flag at the flag mast. None of these celebrities have condemned such violence.

None of them have said a word on the violence.

Not a peep.

This national shame is on you.

The silence can be considered as condonation of the act.

The silence is deafening.

Nirwa Mehta: Politically incorrect. Author, Flawed But Fabulous.