Poster of Khalistani terrorist Bhindranwale spotted outside Gurudwara in Jammu, locals say its there for years

In a shocking example of how brazen terrorist sympathies are disregarded in India, a poster depicting Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was spotted on full display in Gangyal, Jammu today. Bhindranwale was a militant religious extremist and is responsible for launching a violent insurgency in Punjab against India in the 1980s. Bhindranwale is an extremely sympathetic figure to Khalistanis. Khalistani terrorist groups consider Bhindranwale as their spiritual leader.

Images of the Bhindranwale’s poster in Jammu went viral on social media today, but no one knows exactly how long the Bhindranwale poster has been put up there. Estimates from local people in Jammu range from 2 to 10 years as to how long a Bhindranwale poster has been present there. The poster is placed outside the main Gurudwara located in the Digiana Camp area of Gangyal in Jammu.

However, this is not the only poster of Bhindranwale in Jammu that has been spotted. Mohit Kandhari, a journalist for The Daily Pioneer, on a tweet dated November 9th, 2020, posted two pictures of Gurudwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha in Jammu. In both of the pictures, a portrait of Bhindranwale is prominently displayed on the Gurudwara’s façade.

Bhindranwale, who certainly played his part in desecrating the sacred Golden Temple, is now present on the faces of Gurudwaras, not in Canada but in India. Bhindranwale, who instructed his followers to fill the Golden Temple complex with weapons, was definitely no follower of Guru Nanak. Bhindranwale had led all of his followers into death against an obviously impossible battle against the Indian military. And today this man, who accomplished nothing but the deaths of his followers and the thousands of ordinary citizens who died in Punjab following Operation Blue Star, is now being lionized through the means of propaganda.

All of this comes in the backdrop of the intense Farmers Protest in India, which have mobilized farmers in areas like Punjab and Haryana, areas which have a higher proportion of Sikhs in the populace. An intense propaganda machine to incite and inflame the passions of Sikhs is in place. Bhindranwale’s image was used in these protests also. OpIndia has reported multiple stories on how Pakistanis, Khalistani groups and to some extent, even the Canadian Government all wish to incite a civil disobedience, revolt or some sort or mass casualty event through their insidious propaganda.

OpIndia Staff: Staff reporter at OpIndia