Pakistan Embassy to organize puppet show celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations with China, netizens cannot keep calm

Imran Khan and Xi Jinping, representational image, via YouTube

On March 21, the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing is reportedly going to hold a puppet show to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations with China at the China Puppet Art Theater. The event is being organized in collaboration with Rafi Peer Art Theater and China Puppet Art Theater. It will celebrate Pakistan-China civilizational and cultural heritage.

As per reports, the puppet show is a part of over 100 events that are in the pipeline to celebrate relations between two countries in a wide range of sectors, including economic, trade, military and cultural. The organizers are hoping to attract a younger generation from both countries to participate in the events actively. The celebrations were launched by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on March 2.

Netizens called it an ‘irony’

March 21 is also celebrated as World Puppetry Day. Though the event was first celebrated in 2003 by Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA), and it has nothing to do with Pakistan or China, netizens could not resist the chance to take a jibe on the planned event.

Since Pakistan is often termed as the ‘puppet of china’ jokes were inevitable.

With heavy debts from China under the CPEC and other infra projects, Pakistan is very much dependent on China on issues ranging from defence to agriculture and even administration. Pakistan is often cited as an example of the Chinese debt trap. China’s pressure on Pakistan is to the extent that the country that presents itself as an emerging leader of Islamic nations failed to stand for Uyghur Muslims facing atrocities in China.

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