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Assamese gamosa, South-Indian nurse and Bharat-made COVAXIN: PM Modi’s vaccine symbolism is bound to burn ‘liberals’

When the Prime Minister, who they try to defeat by humiliating a billion people then wears an attire from the east, taking a vaccine made in Bharat from nurses from the south in a hospital in the north, the message resonates - Bharat is one

On March 1, 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi. In his inimitable style, PM Modi reached AIIMS early just so he could ensure that his security protocol would not disturb the general public, and took a jab of the made-in-India COVAXIN.

PM Modi’s vaccine was administered by sister P Niveda from Puducherry. The second nurse present was from Kerala. Two vaccines will be available for now, Covaxin by Bharat Biotech and Covishield by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca. The vaccine will be available for free at government hospitals. Private hospitals that are authorized to provide the Covid-19 vaccine can charge Rs.250 for the vaccine.

A master statesman, for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, every event is an opportunity to give a subtle message to the people he governs. In January itself right after the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) approved the emergency use of COVAXIN (along with Covishield), ‘liberals’ had started almost immediately to discredit the vaccine. Not because there was evidence that the vaccine did not work, but because it was made in India and because it had been given approval by the Modi government.

The ultimate aim was obviously to discredit PM Modi, but as is the modus operandi of the ‘liberal’ cabal, they chose to do it by discrediting India. The world has suffered for over a year from a pandemic that seemed to have no end. Kids got robbed of an entire year of their lives, adults were cooped up in the house with nowhere to go, several lost jobs, economies plummeted and while it is a less talked about the side-effect of the pandemic, mental health issues also peaked. Add to that, nations that touted themselves to be the leaders of the free world, could just barely manage to transfer power without completely burning their country and their cases of COVID-19 continue to rise to this date.

While travelling through a dark tunnel and no end in sight, India emerged as a leader. Two vaccines born out of India – COVAXIN and Covishield got approval and started flying off the shelves. India managed to send vaccines to over 60 nations, saving countless lives. While that move was also criticised by the liberals, they could not really do much. The world was hailing PM Modi and the nation he governed. What was the next best move? To tarnish the Made-in-India Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN vaccine. They were indirectly telling the world that their praise for the nation is futile since we are not even capable of developing a vaccine that is not trash.

With one jab, those rumours, those nasty, ill-motivated rumours have been crushed by the Prime Minister. The leader of over a billion people, who got more votes than Donald Trump and President Biden combined, took a jab of the India-made COVAXIN. The boost of confidence, in not just the population, that had been, in part, scared into doubting the effects of the vaccine by the constant fear-mongering in the media, but also the world community have been allayed and there is nothing much the ‘liberals’ can really do about it. They can continue to mouth platitudes, which they will, as sampled by this tweet, but that is merely a product of their hate with frankly, zero effect of the larger narrative. It is done.

The vaccine is safe. The Bharat-made COVAXIN is safe. It is time to get well. It is time to move on. It is time to get back to life. The message was loud and clear. Louder than the rage of the Left.

That was, however, not the only message that was delivered to the people of India.

While taking a jab of the COVAXIN vaccine today, PM Modi showed up in an Assamese gamosa and took the Bharat-made vaccine from a Puducherry and Kerala nurse.

Of course, the ‘liberals’ would insist that these are ‘election gimmicks’ since Assam goes to election soon, but this is not the first time that PM Modi was seen sporting the gamosa and it certainly won’t be the last. So why was it symbolic today?

Only a few days ago, Rahul Gandhi had gone on a tirade against the North.

Congress leader and Member of Parliament from Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi, who was on a two-day visit to Kerala claimed that representing a constituency in Kerala has been a refreshing change for a person like him who has represented a constituency in Northern India for the first 15 years of his career. Addressing the public in Trivandrum, Kerala, the senior Congress leader said that “people in Kerala are interested in issues and not just superficially but going into detail in issues”.

Clearly, Rahul was trying to fan the North-South divide after fanning Khalistani sentiments with the farmers protest recently.

And it is not just Rahul Gandhi. All opposition parties and politicians have attempted to fan some divide or the other. North, South, East, West, Khalistan, Kashmiri separatism and the list simply goes on. In fact, even Mamata Banerjee has chosen to fan the divide by claiming that PM Modi is an ‘outsider’ to Bengal, fanning the east-divide.

When the Prime Minister, who they try to defeat by humiliating a billion people then wears an attire from the east, taking a vaccine made in Bharat from nurses from the south in a hospital in the north, the message resonates – Bharat is one and nothing that the opposition throws at him will phase him from his path.

In the following days, weeks and months, the moans of the ‘liberals’ would get louder. They would claim that the PM used the vaccination to play politics. To whistle to people of Assam ahead of elections. To give a message to the people of the south that he is not an outsider – the list of make-believe criticism would be long and arduous.

But that would just be a product of their frustration.

PM Modi has given a message to the people of the country that the left can simply not undo with their shrieks – India is one and India is ready to surge ahead.


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