Journalists join hands with Congress trolls to spread propaganda against BJP over Delhi High Court ordered probe by police

Srinivas BV questioned by Delhi Police

Today the Delhi police questioned Youth Congress president Srinivas B V over the allegations of illegal procurement and distribution of Covid-19 drugs. The interrogation was done in an ongoing investigation ordered by the Delhi High Court, and other leaders from BJP and AAP have already been questioned in the case.

Responding to a petition alleging illegal procurement of Covid-19 drugs to distribute among people, the High Court had asked the police to look into the instances of politicians allegedly directly procuring Remdesivir and distributing them to Covid-19 patients, and to file FIR if any irregularities were found. The petitioner had named several politicians who had distributed medical aid to Covid-19 patients, alleging that they had illegally procured the material.

Before president Srinivas B V, the police had questioned Delhi BJP leader Harish Khuranna and AAP MLA Dilip Pandey on 11th May, and are expected to question more leaders, including BJP MP Gautam Gambhir.

While the entire investigation is being done on the orders of the Delhi High Court, and even BJP leaders are being also questioned in the case, such facts didn’t matter for left-liberals and Congress supporters, who blamed the union govt for the investigation. They claimed that Delhi police was doing this on the instructions of BJP as the Delhi Police comes under union home minister, and accused BJP of playing vendetta politics.

Several left-liberal journalists joined hand with Congress party to spread anti-BJP propaganda using the fake narrative of the court ordered probe.

Telangana Congress leader Manickam Tagore mentioned that Delhi Police works directly under Amit Shah, blaming the BJP leader for the probe. “This Gujarat Model too much”, he tweeted.

Another Congress leader from Tamil Nadu tweeted the same claims, blaming Amit Shah.

Several journalists came forward to join hands with such Congress leaders to blame BJP and accuse them of vendetta over the matter.

“Absolutely shameful. The only thing Modi knows is a vendetta politics”, claimed notorious fake news peddler and abusive troll Swati Chaturvedi.

She further asked Amit Shah if the police will question the critically ill patients helped by the Congress and APP leaders questioned by police.

India Today anchor Chaiti Narula tweeted that Srinivas B V had really helped people, and now he is facing police probe for doing that.

Columnist Nilanjana Roy tweeted that the Youth Congress has been helping people during the Covid-19 pandemic in and around Delhi, when the people in power were missing in action.

As the Congress leaders and journalists blamed BJP for the Delhi Police probe, countless social media users on Twitter followed them to abuse BJP on the occasion. The alleged that neither the govt is helping people, nor they are allowing others to do it.

However, all the allegations against BJP and the central govt are completely baseless, as they have nothing to do with the questioning of the Congress leader. The police probe is not done on the orders of home minister Amit Shah, but it was done on the orders of Delhi High Court.

On May 4, the Delhi High Court had asked the police to look into the instances of politicians allegedly directly procuring Remdesivir and distributing them to Covid-19 patients, and to file FIR if any irregularities were found. The court asked the state to file a status report within a week and listed the case for hearing on May 17.

The court order came in response to a petition filed by Dr Deepak Singh, Chairman of Hruduya Foundation. The petition had sought an CBI probe into an alleged “medical mafia-politician nexus” and illegal distribution of COVID medicines by politicians. Apart from Srinivas, the petition had named BJP leaders Sujay Vikhe, Gautam Gambhir and Shirish Chaudhari, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Congress MLA Mukesh Sharma, NCP leaders Sharad Pawar and Rohit Pawar and others, citing the instances of Remdesivir distributed by them. The petition had also asked for the detention of such persons for allegedly indulging in black-marketing of Covid-19 medicines as per the National Security Act, 1980, and to disqualify the MLAs and MPs.

Although the High Court had rejected the demands of CBI probe and registration of FIR, it had asked Delhi Police to examine the issue. Therefore, the ongoing questioning by the police is done according to this directive of the High Court.

OpIndia Staff: Staff reporter at OpIndia