UP: Three killed in gang war inside Chitrakoot Jail, police kill sharpshooter after he shot dead two gangsters

Two dreaded criminals - Mukim Kala (L) and Merajuddin, aides of Mukhtar Ansari killed in a gang war inside Chitrakoot jail in UP/ Image Source: LiveHindustan

Three inmates at Chitrakoot jail in Uttar Pradesh, including gangster Mukim Kala, were killed in a gang war that broke out inside the jail on Friday morning.

According to the reports, an inmate identified as Anshu Dixit shot dead two prisoners Mukim Kala and Merajuddin using a pistol at around 10 am on Friday. Both of them are close aides to don-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari. Mukim Kala was a gangster from Western UP and Merazuddin was a don from Easter UP. Anshu, a sharpshooter from Sitapur, was shot dead by police in a retaliatory firing.  

On early Friday morning, Anshu Dixit started firing bullets at Merajuddin and Mukim Kala, who were with him after finishing the morning parade. Reportedly, Anshu also started firing rapidly inside the jail premises.

According to the jail officials, Anshu held five other inmates captive after killing Kala and Merajuddin and threatened to kill them. The jail officials, along with the District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police, immediately rushed to the spot to convince him. However, he was unwilling to surrender. After that, the police opened shot dead Anshu and rescued the other prisoners.

Mukim Kala had 65 cases, recently transferred to Chitrakoot jail

Gangster Mukim Kala, who has 65 cases against him, was recently transferred to Chitrakoot jail from Saharanpur on administrative grounds, while Merajuddin was brought to the jail from Varanasi.

Mukim Kala ran a criminal network in West Uttar Pradesh. Reportedly, he started his criminal career alongside dreaded gangster Mustafa Kagga, who ran robberies and contract, killing in parts of Haryana, West UP and Uttarakhand. Anshu Dixit, also a dreaded criminal, was languishing in Chitrakoot jail since December 2019.

DG Prisons Anand Kumar said that the entire sequence of events will be investigated to know how a pistol reached inside the prison.

The situation has now been brought under control now. The district administration has ordered a high-level probe.

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