Netizens trend #SuspendUrbanDictionary, UP police takes cognisance of the insulting ‘definition’ of Mayawati by one Nazia Khan: What happened

BSP leader Mayawati (Photo Credits: The Hindu)

On Friday (June 18), Urban Dictionary sparked a furore on Twitter after it described Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Mayawati as an “unmarried pornstar”.

The crowd-sourced online dictionary had made the contentious tweet in response to a Twitter user (@Tenzin_21). According to the website, the top definition of Mayawati is “An unmarried pornstar. A woman who can do everything for power. Kanshi Ram’s secret wife and ex-girlfriend of Mulayam Singh.”

Screengrab of the tweet by Urban Dictionary

The definition was added by one Nazia Khan on May 4 last year.

Screengrab of the definition of Mayawati on Urban Dictionary website

Netizens demand action against Urban Dictionary

The tweet sparked outrage on social media, with netizens calling for the suspension of the online dictionary. The Print columnist Dilip Mandal, who has found himself surrounded by controversies in the past, tweeted, “Dear RS Prasad, this is very serious. Take strong action against the culprits. Twitter India, this is unacceptable. There must be some Indian guy behind this bot. Must be arrested. #SuspendUrbanDictionary.”

Hindu Ecosystem official wrote, “Political differences doesn’t mean you will abuse a women…Delhi Police, will you arrest the person behind this cheap mentality? #SuspendUrbanDictionary”

Another Twitter user emphasised, “Not surprised by the name, a woman named Nadia Khan has submitted the definition in urban dictionary, such a disgraceful comment on a woman by urban dictionary, jai bheem, jai meem is a meme in reality, see how much hate a muslim woman has for dalit woman.”

A user tweeted, “This is a very condemnable talk for a woman (Mayawati ji) #ArrestNaziaKhan #SuspendUrbanDictionary.”

One Shruti Gautam wrote, “If their mentality is so bad then how bad will these people be… #SuspendUrbanDictionary.”

One Karamjot Singh tweeted, “This is too much bad language to describe a lady. This is Intolerable and we Shame on @urbandictionary for this bad behaviour. #SuspendUrbanDictionary”

UP Police registers FIR, directs Twitter India to take action

Following the upheaval on the microblogging site, UP Police took cognisance of the matter. In a tweet, it said, “ADG Cyber Crime, UP Police has been directed to immediately register an FIR against urban dictionary for the derogatory & demeaning tweet. Twitter India is being notified for action against the handle at their end.”

At the time of writing the article, Urban Dictionary neither deleted the tweet nor issued any clarification.

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