Watch: Co-Director of marketing firm hired by Congress says the party has zero ground connect, no chances of beating BJP

Social Media strategist for Congress says Congress can never beat BJP, screenshots from the viral video

A video of a director of a campaign management company hired by Congress to manage its social media campaign admitting that the party stands no chance to beat the rival BJP unless it connects with the people at ground level is going viral on social media.

As per social media users, the video features one Gunjeet Kaur, reportedly the co-owner of Design Boxed, a company hired by the Congress party for managing its social media strategy in Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka and Assam etc.

Kaur is heard acknowledging that Congress is on the back foot against the BJP in elections because they are disconnected from their voters on the ground.

“You never get a call from the Congress office, checking after you and asking for your wellbeing, just like you get from the BJP. How can you then imagine defeating the BJP?” Kaur asks.

“Congress can never beat the BJP unless they wake up and reconnect with the ground. They are ill-prepared against the BJP. Congress lacks basic data. They do not have something as basic as numbers of people in their own ward,” Kaur further says in the video.

“BJP has weekly assessments and connects. They regularly prepare excel sheets and make calls to connect with voters at the ward level. Congress has none of it,” says Kaur in the video.

Shortly after the video was released on the internet, several social media users started sharing it to mock the Congress party. One of the Twitter users commented on the gaffe, mocking Congress that as if Rahul Gandhi was not enough to ruin the party, they have now hired people to do it for them.

It is notable here that ahead of the 2019 general elections, Congress Party had picked 3 companies to manage its digital marketing and social media campaigns. Apart from big names in the field like SilverPush and Nixon Advertising, Chandigarh-based Design Boxed, owned by one Naresh Arora, was hired to handle the party’s digital marketing and social media campaigning.

Earlier this year, Design Boxed was hired by Karnataka Congress too, for helping the party in the 2013 assembly elections.

Gunjeet Kaur is identified as the Co-Director at Design Boxed in social media profiles.

Not just the voters but even companies that are hired to manage the social media campaigns and digital strategy of the Congress party do not have any confidence in the party’s ability to win elections against the BJP. In essence, Kaur has not only summed up the sorry state of the Congress in the country but also voiced the feelings of thousands and lakhs of disillusioned people in the country.

OpIndia Staff: Staff reporter at OpIndia