Imran ‘Taliban’ Khan bats for terrorists in Afghanistan, calls them ‘normal civilians’

Pakistan PM Imran Khan/ Image Source: India Today

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday again openly expressed his support to the terrorist outfit Taliban by referring to them as “normal civilians” and claimed that Pakistan could not kill them.

In the interview with PBS Newshour that aired on Tuesday night, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the US “really messed it up” in Afghanistan by initially finding a military solution and later looking for a political solution.

On the allegations of Pakistan’s direct support to the Taliban in the ongoing terror and more than 10,000 Pakistani fighters travelling to Afghanistan to assist the Taliban, Imran Khan claimed that they were not Taliban or its supporters, but normal civilians, who are returning to their country.

In the interview, Imran ‘Taliban’ Khan, known for his close relations with the radical Islamic terror outfit, said that Pakistan is home to three million Aghan refugees, of which the majority are Pashtuns, the same ethnic group as the Taliban terrorists.

“Now, there are camps of 500,000 people, there are camps of 100,000 people. And Taliban are not some military outfits, they are normal civilians. And if there are some civilians in these camps, how is Pakistan supposed to hunt these people down? How can you call them sanctuaries?” he argued.

According to UN Security Council, more than 6,000 terrorists of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have joined their counterparts in Afghanistan. It is alleged that Pakistan has facilitated the travelling of Pakistani fighters into Afghanistan to assist the Taliban in their war against the Afghan national government.

Pakistan has been long accused of helping the Taliban militarily, financially, and with intelligence inputs in their fight against the Afghan government, however, Imran Khan claimed that it was “extremely unfair” to make such accusations.

Imran Khan’s love for terror outfits such as ‘Taliban’

Imran Khan, who has often supported the Taliban’s war in Afghanistan, believes that the Taliban is fighting a holy war or “Jihad” against the enemies of Islam in Afghanistan.

In 2012, Imran Khan had repeatedly tried to justify the Taliban’s terrorism, calling it a ‘holy war’ for Islam.

Imran Khan has proved time and again that he is a terrorist sympathiser. Imran Khan has extreme admiration for Al-Qaeda terrorist Osama Bin Laden and had even referred to him as a “freedom fighter”.

To justify Osama Bin Laden’s terror activities, Imran Khan had compared him with George Washington and had said that he was a terrorist for the British, while a freedom fighter for Americans.

Besides the Afghan Taliban, Imran Khan has shown his soft stand towards terrorist groups that operate and unleash terror inside Pakistan. Imran Khan has a good working relationship with Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, an Islamic terror group that is made of Pashtun tribesmen just as the Afghan Taliban. In June 2013, when a US drone strike killed Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan’s deputy chief Waliur Rehman Mehsud, Khan stirred controversy by referring to him as “pro-peace”.

It is no surprise that Imran Khan has referred to the Islamic terrorist outfit as a “normal” civilians as Pakistan has often used terrorists disguised as civilians to carry out terror attacks on its neighbours, both Afghanistan and India.

OpIndia Staff: Staff reporter at OpIndia