Tamil Nadu: Muslims object to Hindus sacrificing pigs on their festival, says it creates unhygienic environment and pollutes the area

TN Muslims oppose pig sacrificing rituals of Hindus, says its unhygienic/ Representative Image/ Image Source: Indiatv

In an incident that could stoke a massive controversy, the Muslims in the Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu forcefully stopped Hindus from sacrificing pigs as part of their worship, reports Hindu Post.

According to the reports, Muslim residents of the Aranthangi town in Pudukkottai district, Tamil Nadu, have taken offence to Hindus slaughtering pigs as part of their rituals. They have also registered a complaint against the district administration to stop Hindus from carrying out such rituals.

Reportedly, the Kattu Nayakkar community sacrifices pigs as a part of worshipping Madurai Veeran swami, which is their Kula Deva. They usually sacrifice the pigs near the Municipal office and Anganwadi in Aranthangi.

However, the local Muslims in the area have raised objections against the Hindu rituals saying slaughtering the animals in public creates an unhygienic environment in the area and disturbs their peace of mind. Chief of the Muhideen Andavar Jamat has filed a complaint with the local authorities asking to ban the slaughter.

As Muslims in the area are opposed to Hindu sacrifices, a tense situation was created in the area. Following this, the local police and the Revenue Divisional Officer arranged a peace meeting to resolve the issue. However, the notice sent by the RDO regarding the peace meeting has gone viral on social media, creating a massive outrage.

Social media users have pointed out that Muslims slaughter lakhs of animals during their festivals on the streets, creating a lot of inconvenience to the public, however, they oppose the same if Hindus performs such religious rituals. In fact, Bakrid was celebrated just a week ago, when lakhs of animals were sacrificed by the Muslims.

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