England: Former footballer used Church and Sunday School to sexually assault children, jailed for 24 years

Footballer Jonathan Diba-Musangu (23)

In Manchester, England, a footballer named Jonathan Diba-Musangu (23) who played for Rochdale AFC as a goalkeeper has been jailed for 24 years for raping and sexually abusing six children. As per Greater Manchester Police (GMP), Diba-Musangu met most of his victims through a Church in Rochdale where he taught Sunday school and music classes.

He has been jailed at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court for 12 offences including raping a child aged seven in the year 2012. He was convicted for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity on two counts and indulging in sexual activities with another child on three occasions. 

Two other charges are related to sisters, one aged 11 at the time of the offence and the other a few years younger. Diba-Musangu had allegedly grabbed the elder sister by the hips and had made sexual requests to the younger one. 

To another 12-year-old minor, the footballer asked for a leg massage, before forcing himself upon her. Reportedly, he took pictures of the girls and threatened them by putting them out in public if they complained about him.  

Inspector Julie Maxwell of GMP said, “Diba-Musangu abused his position of power within the church and may well have had a successful footballing career ahead of him before the work of detectives have led to where he is now – behind bars.”

Ironically, the culprit also worked in focus groups for young adults alongside pursuing a career in football.

“It’s taken immense bravery for these victims to come forward and cooperate with us as we pieced together his gruesome acts,” added the inspector.

The footballer was arrested in 2018 while he was playing for Mossley FC.

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