Pakistan and Taliban attack Panjshir valley, the last Afghan stronghold, Amrullah Saleh’s house bombed

Resistance forces in Panjshir on September 02, 2021, Image Source: France 24

The last bastion of resistance forces in Afghanistan- Panjshir came under heavy fire on Sunday. The former Samangan MP Zia Arianjad in a quote to Aamaj News informed that the province was bombed by Pakistani Air Force drones. Reports suggest that smart bombs were used for the attack. 

“I have got a few seconds of Satalite (satellite) internet. We are being bombed by Pakistani drones. We are under direct invasion of ISI. Spread our words. Our civilians are under target. This could be my last tweet forever if you dont hear from me in some days,” read the Tweet of a soldier fighting in the frontlines in Panjshir.

Elyas Nawandish, a journalist with an Afghanistan news agency additionally informed that the province was attacked not just by air but even from the ground. “#Panjshir is under heavy attack tonight. A resident from Panjshir told me: ‘the valley is under fire. They attacked from the ground and air. Only I can cry and that’s it.’ As Taliban launch fierce attacks in Panjshir, Pakistan ISI chief is in Kabul. Also, the world is watching,” Tweeted Nawandish basis his interaction with a local.

Amrullah Saleh’s home under attack

Acting President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh who vowed to fight for his war-torn country had stationed himself in Panjshir to defend the last territory left. The Taliban who has not been able to penetrate the Panjshir Valley is allegedly now taking help from Pakistan to make its way in the province. 

As per a Times of India report, Saleh was moved to a safe place after a helicopter attacked his house. Ahmed Massoud is said to be safe too.

Fahim Dashti and other senior members killed

Spokesman of the Resistance Front and a well-known journalist, Fahim Dashti who was fighting the Taliban in Panjshir was killed during the bloody standoff on September 5.

Another senior member to have lost his life in the deadlock is General Abdul Wudod Zara, nephew of Panjshir resistance leader Ahmad Massoud. 

Panjshir resistance calls for ceasefire

After suffering heavy losses in the past two days, the resistance forces have reportedly called for a ceasefire. The National Resistance Front late on Sunday said it “proposes that the Taliban stop its military operations in Panjshir..and withdraw its forces.”

It has assured to refrain from military action in return. Massoud is also ready to hold talks with the Taliban and is committed to resolving the differences. 

“The national resistance forces are ready to immediately stop the war to achieve a lasting peace if the Taliban cease their attacks and military operations in Panjshir and Andarab, and hope to hold a large meeting with scholars and reformers, and continue discussions and talks,” read Massoud’s statement posted on Facebook

Further in his post, Massoud condemned the attack on Muslims by the Taliban while wanting to establish an Islamic state.

1000 await Taliban flight clearance

At least a thousand including dozens of Americans and Afghans holding a visa for the USA or other countries await Taliban clearance for flights out of the country. It has been five days since four planes chartered to evacuate several hundred people have been unable to leave the country.

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