Video of police brutality at Kalka Ji Temple during Navratri goes viral, Delhi Police claims ‘everything is smooth as of now’

Police used force to 'control crowd' at Kalka Ji Temple, Delhi

An undated video is making rounds on social media platforms in which Police personnel can be seen assaulting devotees at the famous Kalka Ji Temple in the national capital. The video has raised several questions on the crowd management tactics of the Delhi Police at the Temples.

A Twitter user Akshay pointed out such crowd management tactics are not used at places of worship of particular religion. He said, “This is our weakness that we have police in every famous temple. Have you seen any police in Jamia masjid or gurudwara inside the temple?”

In another video, it was claimed that the Police closed down the doors of the Temple. Some Police personnel were seen using batons at the devotees outside the Temple. The priests of the Temple said, “Our Temple has a history of over 5,000 years. Our ancestors have been serving in the Temple since the time of Mahabharata. Our ancestors and now this generation has managed the Temple perfectly without any problems. The Temple’s gates were never closed for the devotees. However, today, the administrator that has been placed by the High Court has closed the Temple from all sides. The Police personnel assaulted the priests.”

He further showed that all the gates were closed by the administration and again emphasised the fact that the Temple’s gates had not been closed even during eclipses. Notably, the majority of the temples close down the gates during the eclipse for a short period till the eclipse is over.

As per a report published in Hindustan, on October 9, the administration had closed down the temple’s gates, alleging Temple administration had broken DDMA rules. The report suggested that the Priests were allowing devotees to enter ‘Garbhagrih’, which was not permitted.

Priest Deepak Bharadwaj said that the administration took away the right to worship from the priests. He added that all the rituals are performed in the Garbhagrih. He requested the administration not to take away the worship rights and help the Temple administration better management during the festivities.

Replying to the video, Deputy Commissioner of Police, South East Delhi, said that the video is recent but a few days old. When the Navratri Festival began, a large crowd at the temple and Police used force to push the line forward. DCP office further said that crowd control arrangements were ramped up, and the rest of the days, things were smoother.

DCP Office’s reply further irked the netizens who objected to devotees being slapped by the Police. Twitter user Arvind said, “Hindus should next time treat these coward sarkari ****s like Muslims treat them! Pls form a mob & beat the shit out of these officers next time or else they won’t learn! Hey @DCPSEastDelhi, aren’t u ashamed of trying to justify this? If it were a Mosque would you all have dared to do this?”

Another Twitter user Nikhil said, “Police justifying violence on devotees in name of crowd. If it would have been done in Maharashtra then BJP would have raised this issue. Why Delhi BJP is silent, or for the matter, why is VHP/Bajrang dal silent.”

Twitter user eyes_of_argus said, “@DCPSEastDelhi justifying beating up of Hindus inside the temple during Navratri. Imagine how they must be treating Hindus the rest of the year. @PandeyEsha You should immediately apologize to all Hindus. You are an IPS officer not some leader of a mafia.”

A Twitter user Jagga Jasoos pointed out that such crowd management tactics are regularly used by Police in Temples. He said, “police do not treat devotees with respect, they show high handedness, manhandling in temples is very common. it’s time Hindu society adopts some best practices from others.”

OpIndia tried to reach out to Police and temple administration but could not connect.

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