Madhya Pradesh: NCPCR uncovers conversion racket in Christian missionary-run girls’ hostel, orders probe

NCPCR uncovered conversion racket at Christian Missionary-run girls' hostel in MP

On November 9, Priyank Kanoongo, Chairperson, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), said in a statement that the Commission has uncovered an alleged conversion racket going on in the Christian Missionary Girls’ Hostel in Raisen, Madhya Pradesh.

The hostel is located in Intkhedi village, Sultanpur, District Raisen, Madhya Pradesh. Kanoongo had gone to inspect the hostel, where he found that the tribal Hindu girls were brought to the hostel and were being taught Christian religious books to convert them to Christianity.

The commission chairman also checked the registers kept in the hostel. He found that there were 15-20 Hindu Tribal girls in the hostel premises. Some of them were from North-East. They were being taught books related to Christianity. Kanoongo also found Bible that was handed over to District Magistrate after inspection.

Kanoongo shared the information about the inspection and what he had found on Twitter and said, “Surprise inspection of the hostel of Christian Missionaries. They were running a conversion racket”.

The chairman gave a statement in the video. He said, “We found that there were 15-20 Hindu tribal girls living in the premises of Christian Missionary hostel. They were taught Christian religious text. We found copies of the Bible in their beds that we handed over to the district administration. We also came to know that some of them were from North-Eastern states. There were indications that these children were being groomed for some special training. These children are studying in government schools as there is no school on the hostel premises. It is a matter of investigation how these children reached this hostel. It should be investigated how they were living here and were being subjected to religious conversion. It is not only illegal but unethical. The Commission has instructed the administration to send students back to their homes and take strict action against those who were running the conversion racket.”

NCPCR has sought a report in case where a tilak-wearing boy was assaulted

Recently, NCPCR also sought a report from the Raisen Police in the case where a tilak-wearing boy was assaulted by a teacher named Nishaad Begum. Reports suggest that the child was thrashed by the teacher for sporting a Tilak earlier this year.

The Commission, in its letter, said the family of the victim was not satisfied with the investigation in the matter. The family has alleged that officers who are probing the matter had not contacted them or the victim. The letter further mentioned that statement of the victim had been recorded at the direction of the Commission’s Chairman and in the presence of SDM, Tehsildar, Chairman of the Child welfare committee and police officers. The Statutory body had asked the police to take cognizance of the victim and his family’s statement and submit a report within two days of receiving the letter.

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