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NCERT goes Woke, claims separate toilets for boys and girls is a problem, suggests puberty blockers, blames ‘caste patriarchy’ for stigma

In a section of the NCERT document that discusses issues related to infrastructure, it says that toilets are used to brainwash children into believing that there are only two sexes, men and women.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has decided to go full ‘Woke’ in a new training manual for teachers that was released recently. The document titled ‘Inclusion of Transgender Children in School Education: Concerns and Roadmap’ was published by the Department of Gender Studies at NCERT.

The objective of the training manual is the “sensitization of teachers and teacher educators regarding aspects of gender diversity keeping gender-nonconforming and transgender children at centre stage.”

In a section of the document that discusses issues related to infrastructure, it says that toilets are used to brainwash children into believing that there are only two sexes, men and women. The document says, “The use of toilet , an infrastructural facility, is used to condition children into binary gender; female children are conditioned to use the toilets labeled ‘girls’ and male children are to use the toilet marked for ‘boys’.”

Source: NCERT Training Manual

The document adds, “Children, who face gender dysphoria, feel conflict/dilemma while choosing the toilet that they feel comfortable. This is mainly because their self-concept and social expectations of their body do not coincide with each other. Therefore, presence of binaries in infrastructure also creates conflicts for gender nonconforming children who find it difficult to make a choice; at such a young age, it is an emotionally charged decision that additionally burdens them.”

In its ‘Introduction’ section, the document blames ‘Caste patriarchy’ for stigma against the transgender community. It is in addition to the unfounded claims that there were multiple genders in the Vedic age. It states, “There is evidence for diverse genders and gender expression being socially accepted in the subcontinent since the Vedic age (Vanita and Kidwai, 2000; Michelraj, 2015). However, the dominant social system of caste patriarchy in India had relegated transgender persons to occupations that are stigmatized.”

Source: NCERT Training Manual

“The fall in status of transgender persons was induced systematically under British rule in the form of punishment and the regulated movement of the transgender groups who lived in India during that time. British colonialism criminalized transgender persons and consolidated this process by categorizing transgender persons as a Criminal tribe under the Criminal Tribes Act, 1871,” it adds.

The document also mentions that in February 2020, only 25 transgender students had registered for the Class X and Class XII exams. 19 of 18,89,878 students registered for Class X exams were transgender and that number was 6 from 12,06,893 for Class XII.

The document recommends “Discontinuance of Binary practices in school, classrooms, activities, sports etc.” It says, “Separate rows for boys and girls during assembly, school functions, seating arrangements in classrooms; gender wise separate uniforms, working groups for assignments, excursions, etc., should be discontinued. Mixed groups should be allowed, gender neutral uniforms can be introduced, etc.”

Source: NCERT Training Manual

The document also calls for ‘support mechanisms’ for the ‘correct use of pronouns’.

Source: NCERT Training Manual

The training manual also appears to lend its support for puberty blockers, medication that has gained widespread notoriety in recent times. The medicines are used to block the development of puberty in children which permanently alters their natural course of development.

Source: NCERT Training Manual

Netizens are not pleased with NCERT going ‘Woke’

The NCERT training manual is receiving intense backlash from users on social media. They are not happy with the NCERT importing disastrous American concepts in India.

Other fear that it will have a disastrous impact on Indian education.

Quite clearly, the suggestions and recommendations by the NCERT do not have popular support. There have been intense efforts in the West to indoctrinate children into the gender identity ideology, which is receiving intense pushback. It appears that the same is being imported in India without any due consideration by ideological zealots.

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