Rajput organisation expresses anger after Rana Ayyub called ‘Maharana’ for supporting terror group in Yemen

The controversial journalist Rana Ayyub is embroiled in more controversies. As usual, she has spread her propaganda. But, this time the propaganda is not only against India. Rather, supporting terrorism, she has stepped ahead to spread the propaganda against Saudi Arabia and UAE. Due to this propaganda, Rana Ayyub was slammed by netizens of both these countries. She had dreamed of going Hajj in 2022. Nobody knows whether this will be possible now or not. But now Rajput organizations have become agitated for her being called ‘Maharana’.

Let us first briefly explain what is going on between Rana and the netizens of Saudi Arabia and UAE. There is a civil war going on in Yemen, one of the poorest Arab countries. and Yemen. The 2011 uprising forced the resignation of its president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who had been in power for 34 years. He also passed away in 2017. Houthi (Ansar Allah) rebels, a hardline Shia minority group, took advantage of the weakness of the new president, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, to capture the capital Sanaa in 2015.

Saudi Arabia found Shia Iran to be behind it and 8 Sunni Arab countries waged war against the Houthi under Saudi Arabia’s leadership. In a recent attack on Abu Dhabi airport, Houthi attack killed two Indian Sikhs. But, Rana Ayyub supported them, due to which the people of Saudi Arabia and UAE called her more dangerous than terrorists. Rana Ayyub also saw the fault of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this. Now, the supporters of Rana Ayyub like Aakar Patel called her ‘Maharana’.

You can see in the tweet attached below how an attempt has been made to glorify Rana Ayyub by writing ‘Maharana’ on his picture. Responding to this, people have explained that the designation ‘Rana’ and ‘Maharana’ (महाराणा) used by Hindus (Kshatriyas) is different and the name ‘Rana’ (राना अयूब) used by Muslims is different. The Hindus expressed their indignation at this and scolded Aakar Patel for the comparison of Rana Ayyub with the great Maharanas.

Now Rajput organizations have objected to this. The Rajput organization ‘Kshatriya Parishad’ has said “The life of Hindua Suraj Maharana Pratap is an eternal tale of inextinguishable love for one’s motherland, written with pride in the history of India. As a proud Kshatriya, he dared to not just confront but refused to accede to the mighty Mughals and fought until his last breath, preserving the pride and glory of his motherland.”

The ‘Kshatriya Parishad’ said “The brave Rajput was an ideal king who cared for his people like a father who cares for his son. It was the Maharana’s humility, compassion, and charisma that made him so dear to everyone, from his nobles to the common people and even the tribal people. To all Indians, especially us Rajputs, Maharana Pratap’s life is an epitome of courage, patriotism, and sacrifice.”

The ‘Kshatriya Parishad’ said in its official statement, “It has come to light that certain individuals on social media have mischievously used “Maha-rana” for a Muslim lady whose first name “Rana” is of Persian / Arabic / Turkish / Kurdish origin and means “eye-catching, glittering, mesmerizing”, stemming from the word yarnu (Arabic), meaning ‘to gaze at longingly’.”

Rajput organization Kshatriya Parishad issued a statement expressing outrage over calling Rana Ayyub ‘Maharana’

The ‘Kshatriya Parishad’ told that it is a given name for females in Middle Eastern countries. The organization identified ‘Rana’ as a word of Indian origin stemming from the word ‘Rayan’ which in turn is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Rajan’ meaning the King. The organization expressed outrage at this misuse. It has said “Equating illustrious figures like that of Maharana Pratap with modern-day individuals, especially those who are involved in propaganda against the country, is a huge disrespect and not acceptable to us.”

The organization clarified “We not only condemn in the strongest terms but also warn against any such inexpiable behavior in future.” The organization has further made it clear that such an act does not even deserve atonement. Many others on social media have also explained to Rana Ayyub the difference between ‘Rana’ (as pronounced in her name – राना ) and ‘Rana’ (as pronounced in the King’s name – राणा). They have asked that how can one who hates Hindus be compared to a great Hindu king.

Responding to Aakar Patel’s tweet, people said that there is no separate letter for ‘ण’ in English. That is why ‘राना’ and ‘राणा’ both are written as ‘Rana’. A Twitter user named Arnab Bakshi said that Rana Ayyub should be called ‘Maha Rona’ meaning the great weeper, not ‘Maharana’ – the great king. Another user wrote that ‘leave aside the death of 2 Indian citizens, even if thousands of Indians die, yet she will support the terrorists only.’ People also compared this act with the proverb ‘Kahan Raja Bhoj, Kahan Gangu Teli’ which means there can be no comparison between a great king and an insignificant person.

It is notable that now the people of Saudi Arabia and India are together criticizing her. Major (Retd) Manik M Jolly wrote, “took up a geopolitical issue with no understanding of the crisis. She got played by ISI to tweet from the Pakistani-Iran-Turkey side against Saudi-US ( partially Israel too) team. That’s a much bigger league to throw punches in than regular hate spreading.”

Saudi people are saying that just because she is a Muslim, Kaaba does not belong to Rana Ayyub.

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