US ‘liberals’ attack comedian Trevor Noah for seeking accountability from the Democrats: Details

Trevor Noah, image via The Hollywood Reporter

On June 28, comedian and ‘The Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah took potshots at the Democratic party for failing to take proper action after the US supreme court overturned the landmark verdict in Roe Vs Wade.

“The Supreme Court is shutting everything down. People are rising up in the streets, and the Democrats? Well, they responded in a way that only the Democrats can,” he was heard as saying.

Trevor Noah mocked the theatrics put out by the Democrats, such as sending fundraising emails and making emotional speeches, in the aftermath of the court’s decision.

He mentioned how Michigan Representative Andy Levin posted a photo of himself in a weird yoga pose to calm himself down. While pointing at the picture, Noah said, “I feel like that’s the perfect yoga pose for Democratic leadership…Very little action and your head is basically up your own ass.”

“I don’t know if anybody voted for the performative aspect. People just want things done. No one cares about Kente cloths or singing on the Capitol steps, and especially not poetry… Why do Democrats do this?” he inquired.

‘The Daily Show’ host emphasised how Republicans such as Mitch McConnell refrain from such theatrics and instead channelise their energy in getting things done. He said that Democrats had a long time to plan things out, given that the draft decision had leaked in May

“Maybe voters should change things up. Maybe you should do a new thing in America. Instead of fundraising emails, you should do fund-rewarding emails. Make the Democrats show you what they’ve done, and then you donate to their cause,” Trevor Noah sought accountability from the party.

He also lambasted the Senate judiciary committee for doing ‘too little and too late’.

US ’liberals’ denigrate Trevor Noah for seeking accountability from the Democrats

Days after Noah had urged his audience to fund Democrats only if they stand up to their expectations, liberals in the United States were miffed at his plans to hold the Democratic Party accountable for its actions.

“Point taken, but with respect, here’s the difference, “Trevor Noah.” One party is about policy and writing legislation to solve problem – which takes time. The other: sabotage and fear-mongering – that any dumb fool can do on Fox News,” claimed one Karl Schwartz.

Another liberal asserted, “This is the kind of transactional bullshit thinking that helped get us here. Trevor Noah can take his “interesting proposition” and shove it.”

“People like Trevornoah are out there trying to bash Democrats because we fundraised after the Roe decision. We’re not apologizing for that…ever. We’re going to use that money to get people to vote. What are YOU doing, Trevor?” wrote another liberal.

“This is just another example of why people should stop listening to Trevor Noah as he frequently says dumb things,” remarked one Prince Daniel III.

However, this is not the first time that ‘The Daily Show’ host was hounded by liberals. In March this year, he was targeted on social media for hosting Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev to discuss the ‘Save Soil movement.’

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