Telangana: Dalit youth assaulted by goons on instructions of MIM and BRS leaders for affair with a Muslim girl in Karimnagar, case filed

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In a shocking incident, a Dalit youth was attacked and assaulted by Islamist miscreants over a love affair with a Muslim girl in Karimnagar, Telangana. As per reports, the Islamist miscreants were led and directed by political leaders from MIM and BRS. 

Notably, the victim boy hails from the Dalit community and is a resident of Warangal district. He fell in love with a Muslim girl who hails from Godavarikhani town in Pedpadalli district. Their relationship has been going on for the last two years. On 14th May, the Muslim girl told her family members that she was going out to meet her relative in Siddipet, but she went to Basant Nagar. From there, her lover, the Dalit youth picked her up on a bike. Afterwards, they visited his friend’s house in the Raykurti Sheikh Khan Nagar area of Karimnagar 18 Division. 

As per a report in Telangana’s Newspaper Disha Daily, a Muslim man named Sameer noticed it and called a BRS leader of the Saleh Nagar area, Rahim, and told him that a Hindu boy had brought a Muslim girl. 

The BRS leader directed several Muslim youths to go to the Raykurti area and the youths went there. Following the instructions of the BRS leader, they terrorised the Muslim girl and forcibly took the Dalit youth to the residence of the MIM party leader who had earlier served as the Deputy Mayor and is the husband of the 27th division corporator of the city, Abbas Shami. 

The miscreant youths indiscriminately assaulted and intimidated the Dalit youth. They called the Muslim girl’s parents and handed over the victim girl to her parents. It is said that on the insistence of a corporator, the MIM leader left the Dalit youth. Subsequently, the victim called his friends and narrated his ordeal. He then went on to lodge a complaint at the Kottapelli Haveli Police Station under the Rural Police Station.

After investigating the matter, Police booked the MD of Sheikh Khan Nagar, Sameer, Saleh Nagar resident Mohammed Asif, MIM 18th division president Yakub, Azim of Islampura Gopkatta area, former deputy mayor Abbas Sami, the mother and father of a young Muslim girl under an atrocity case. 

Two accused namely Yakub and Asif have been arrested and taken to remand while the rest of the accused are absconding. The locals have expressed concerns as the man who directed the Muslim youth, Rahim has not been booked so far. 

Meanwhile, the police are busy trying to find out whether he deliberately provoked the Muslim youth or if there was any other reason.

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