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Balakot cover up by Pakistan, latest reports suggest high casualty

Masood Azhar resurfaces after abrogation of Article 370, warns of ‘stormy attacks’, echoes Pak PM Imran Khan’s threat

Few days back, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had also warned of 'Pulwama type attack' in the wake of abrogation of Article 370 by Indian government.
Pak PM Imran Khan issues threat of Pulwama like incident following revoking of Artice 370

Pakistan PM Imran Khan warns India of another Pulwama like attack due to effective abrogation of Article 370

Pulwama attack was engineered by Pakistan based Jaish-e-Muhammad terror outfit, killing 40 CRPF personnel
Pakistan PM Imran Khan promises compensation to Malaysian PM for India's palm oil curbs

Imran Khan boasts in Malaysia, says Pakistan will buy Malaysia’s palm oil to to compensate for its losses after India’s import curb

Even as Pakistan is grappling from the worst financial crisis in its history, Pakistan PM Imran Khan has promised Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad that his country would increase palm oil imports from Malaysia to compensate for India's palm oil curbs.
Pakistan PM shares an old video from Bangladesh to claim Indian police brutality against Muslims in Uttar Pradesh

Pakistan PM Imran Khan shares old video from Bangladesh claiming to show “Indian police’s pogrom against Muslims in UP”

Pakistan PM Imran Khan tried to pass off a 7-year old video from Pakistan depicting police brutality as a current video of Indian oppression against Muslims in Uttar Pradesh
Pakistan PM says no place for Indian Muslims in Pakistan

Pakistan will not house Muslim fleeing India: Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Pakistan PM Imran Khan denied giving refuge to Muslims should they cross over and migrate from India.

Focus on protecting your own minorities rather than compulsively issue statements: MEA schools Imran Khan on CAB

Pointing to Pakistan’s “draconian blasphemy laws”, MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar asked Imran Khan to pay more attention to this issue
Imran Khan uses Congress statement to attack India

5 instances in the latest Twitter rant by Imran Khan where he picked the ideas from the Congress party

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan continued with his nonsensical rants on Twitter on Thursday inspired by Congress
Amit Shah takes Congress to cleaners on its fear-mongering over the CAB bill provisions

Citizenship Amendment Bill: Amit Shah lashes out at Congress, accuses it of singing the same tune as Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Amit Shah blasted at Congress for inciting fear among the Muslim for Citizenship Amendment Bill
Imran Khan goes on a deranged rant to condemn the passage of the CAB bill in Lok Sabha

Pakistan PM Imran Khan goes on a deranged rant to oppose the passage of CAB in Lok Sabha, invokes ‘bilateral agreements’

Indian Lok Sabha passes the Citizenship Amendment Bill tabled by HM Amit Shah, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan loses his mind.

PM Modi subtly chides Pakistan Prime Minister on Kartarpur Corridor inauguration, refers to him with his full name ‘Imran Khan Niazi’

The Kartarpur corridor is being inaugurated almost a year after the foundation stone was laid down on the Indian side on November 26, 2018

Pakistani minister threatens nations who back India on abrogation of Article 370, says will fire missile at them along with one on India

Pakistani minister Ali Amin Gandapur threatened countries who support India on abrogation of Article 370 by saying Pakistan will fire a missile at them.

Pakistanis announce infiltrating India by crossing the LoC en masse to ‘liberate Kashmir’, Imran Khan says ‘No, it will upset narrative’

Hundreds of Pakistanis have gathered near the LoC, in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) ready to infiltrate India for a 'Freedom March', two months after the Indian government abrogated Article 370
Pak FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi loses cool at TV anchor when asked about the names of the countries that have 'supported' Pakistan

Pakistan FM Qureshi fumes when cornered for endorsing a lie peddled by Pak PM imran Khan over Kashmir

"On whose agenda are you working?" Qureshi snapped at talk show host Javed Chaudhry. "Are you going to tell me or decide which countries have or have not supported Pakistan at the UN?", he asked the host.
Pakistani establishment and radical Islamist organisations behind the anti-India protests in Houston

Imran Khan’s party PTI and organisation linked to Hizbul Mujahideen behind anti-India protests at Houston

Shockingly, the shabby plan of Pakistan to disrupt the'"Howdy, Modi' rally was devised directly while keeping Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in the loop. According to the Sunday Guardian investigation, the protests also got support from Islamic organisations linked to terror group Hizbul-Mujahideen.

Pakistani PM Imran Khan humiliated on an American talk show, anchor calls him ‘Voter from Bronx’

An American news anchor compared Pakistan PM Imran Khan to a ‘voter’ from the Bronx.
Imran Khan says supporting Kashmir is 'Jihad', and they have to do it to make Allah happy

Imran Khan again speaks like a terrorist group leader, says supporting Kashmiris against India is ‘Jihad’ to ‘make Allah happy’

Imran Khan's speaks like a radical Ismalic cleric again, says 'supporting Kashmiris' is Jihad to make Allah happy.

Narendra Modi vs. Imran Khan during the USA visit: A textbook study of Statesmanship vs. Brinkmanship

While Modi emerged as a statesman in USA during UNGA, Imran Khan was a whinner
RSS welcomes Imran Khan's statements saying RSS is synonymous with India

RSS congratulates Imran Khan for accepting that RSS and India are synonymous

Pakistan PM Imran Khan quoted Congress leaders to claim that RSS runs terror camps in India which trains terrorists

Imran Khan giving content to cartoon makers, Rajnath Singh takes a dig at Pak PM for his anti-India rants

Pakistan PM Imran Khan continued to whine against India at the UNGA session while cooking up a recipe for disaster

Pakistan PM Imran Khan again piggybacks on Congress, this time to attack RSS at the UNGA

India's political opponents have always given enough material to Pakistan which they have lapped up to advance their nefarious propaganda against India

Would PM Imran Khan deny that he was an open defender of Osama bin Laden? India questions Imran Khan in Right to Reply at UNGA

First Secretary MEA Vidisha Maitra, while using India's Right to Reply against Pakistan PM Imran Khan's anti India rant at UNGA said that his threat of unleashing nuclear devastation qualifies as brinkmanship and not statesmanship.

India to use Right to Reply against Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s anti-India rant at UNGA

The Right to Reply means the right of a country to defend itself against criticism at the same venue where it was made. 

Amidst international embarrassment on Kashmir issue and economic crisis back home, Imran Khan government in Pakistan likely to collapse

While Imran Khan keeps himself busy portraying to be the ‘ambassador of Kashmir’, his Naya Pakistan is in a war with itself, dealing with its debt-ridden economy
PM Modi to address UNGA session in New York on 27th September 2019

PM Modi to address UNGA session in New York today, to speak before Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Modi will address the UNGA session in New York on Friday, 27th September.

Imran Khan finally admits that Pakistan has got no support from global community on its anti-India rhetoric on Kashmir

Acknowledging the global stature of India, PM Imran Khan lamented over the prominence of India in the world affairs while claiming that the economic considerations are the reasons why Pakistan's narrative on Kashmir is being overlooked
Imran Khan uses Congress statement to attack India

Pakistan PM Imran Khan quotes Congress again as he desperately clutches to straws to rake up Kashmir issue

Launching a renewed attack on India, Pakistan Prime Minister Khan said that the curfew in Kashmir is still not lifted.
Image Source: Twitter

Heard very aggressive statements from PM Modi in Howdy Modi event: President Trump in press conference with Imran Khan

Addressing the media after meeting Imran Khan, Trump praised the 'Howdy, Modi' mega rally in presence of Khan and said PM Modi made "very aggressive statements" at the Houston event

A day after ‘Howdy, Modi’, Imran Khan likely to meet Donald Trump in New York on the side-lines of UNGA

Imran Khan though being snubbed repeatedly has once again vowed to raise the Kashmir issue at the upcoming UNGA session

Two articles, one dangerous agenda: Shekhar Gupta led The Print furthers the ‘righteous Jihad’ narrative

Chitralekha Zutshi begins her article in The Print in a sombre and sad tone, stating Kashmiriyat is dead, while Zainab Sikander lamented the loss of voice of Muslims because of Jinnah

Imran Khan, the ‘ambassador of Kashmir’, slammed by President of World Uighur Congress for ignoring the plight of Uighur Muslims in China

President of World Uighur Congress says that Imran Khan knows what the Chinese government is doing to Uighur Muslims but he doesn't want to talk on this

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