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Love jihad cases spark outrage in Kerala, Christian girls are being increasingly targeted too, claims NCM vice chairman

Kerala: Rape, blackmail and alleged forced conversion of 19-year-old girl sparks Love Jihad outrage

The 19-year old Christian girl was drugged and sexually abused in a building in the park. The father of the victim alleged that Jasim recorded videos of the act and started blackmailing the victim pressurising her to convert to Islam. 
George Kurian, the vice chairman of NCM has written a letter to Home Minister Amit Shah over Christian girls increasingly becoming the victim of Love Jihad by Islamists

Christian community the ‘soft target’ of Islamist radicals: NCM VC writes to Amit Shah over Christian girls being victims of Love Jihad

In the letter, Kurian reportedly urged the Home Ministry to "take note of this alarming trend and order a probe by the National Investigative Agency" and bring in an effective law to curb such fraudulent activities of radicalised elements.

Another Love Jihad case in UP: Khalid posed as Hindu to trap minor girl, then raped and blackmailed her

A man named Khalid pretended to be Hindu, visited temples with the minor girl, then raped her and recorded the incident to blackmail later.
Father alleges love jihad behind daughter's suicide

Love Jihad: Father accuses one ‘Jaffer’ of threats and attempts of forced conversion behind Coimbatore girl’s suicide

The father has alleged that a Muslim man Jaffer is responsible for Ashwini's suicide as he had forced her to convert and had also threatened her family.
Another Love Jihad case reported in Kerala

Love Jihad in Meerut: Minor Hindu girl forcefully converted to Islam and married off, police arrests three accused

Since the girl belonged to the Hindu community, many Hindu organisations and the girl's relatives protested outside the Brahmpuri police station
Love jihad cases spark outrage in Kerala, Christian girls are being increasingly targeted too, claims NCM vice chairman

Love Jihad is not a figment of the ‘right wing’ imagination, it is a real and present danger

The Love Jihad phenomenon has been dismissed by the self-proclaimed "liberals" as a figment of the "right-wing" imagination. However, what is the truth? Does Love Jihad truly exist? 

Love Jihad in Barmer: Girl claims blackmail, forced conversion attempts and plan to sell in Dubai by Muslim ‘husband’

The family of the girl has accused Gulzar of Love Jihad and pressuring her to convert into Islam.
In another case of Love Jihad, Muslim boy kills Hindu girl after his fake Hindu identity was revealed

In another case of Love Jihad, Muslim man kills Hindu girl after his fake Hindu identity was exposed

He was earlier posing as a Hindu in a bid to marry the girl

Radia tapes famed Vir Sanghvi pontificates on ‘Love Jihad’ and passport norms in an ill-conceived article

He starts off by branding the entire passport fiasco as a Hindu-Muslim issue and not an administrative one, which is actually what it was.

Leftist groups violently disrupt screening of film on ‘Love Jihad’, attack security guard on JNU campus

Not the first and last time leftist goons at JNU have shown intolerant and violent mindset.

Congress leader Mehak Khan arrested for kidnapping a B.Tech student, accused of ‘love jihad’

She is accused of kidnapping a girl and getting her married to her son, Danish.

Police claim Rajsamand murderer invented ‘love jihad’ story for covering up an illicit relationship

The accused had burnt a Muslim labourer alive in December

Rajasthan ‘love jihad’ murder – arrested accused not part of any organisation, says police

The police has promised that it would demand capital punishment for the accused

Hadiya and ‘Love Jihad’ : It is not a simple case of ‘free will’

Whom does a person marry is indeed a question of free will, but this is not about freedom to choose a partner.

Love Jihad: Now a Kerala mother moves SC for a NIA probe into daughter’s conversion to Islam

The state of Kerala continues to be riddled with this issue

Kerala’s leftist govt now trying to stop NIA probe into state’s “Love Jihad” case

The probe was recently commissioned by the Supreme Court

Now 32 “Love Jihad” cases from Kerala come under NIA scrutiny

Such cases have been under the scrutiny of the investigative agency

Kerala ‘love jihad’: NIA suspects same ‘mentor’ lured two girls

Preliminary probe by NIA in Kerala "love jihad" case reveals some a deeper conspiracy.

SC orders an NIA probe in Kerala’s Love Jihad case, Kapil Sibal objects

The NIA told the court that there's a pattern to such cases
Shahi Imam

Shahi Imam publicly calls for Love Jihad, Indian media doesn’t report it

Shahi Imam has accepted something with outspoken honesty, which others have been dishonestly denying.

Pakistan-origin jihadi became a terrorist and joined ISIS because he was ‘bullied’ in school. Read how media waters down terrorists

A former classmate of London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan has said that he turned to ISIS after he was bullied in school for facial hair.

London Bridge Jihadi of Pakistan origin was jailed for 8 years for another terror plot where he wanted to unleash 26/11 like carnage in London

The jihadi who was shot dead at London Bridge has been identified as Usman Khan, who was of Pakistan origin and had previous been convicted for another terror plot

The proper way forward is teaching students accurate history about Tipu Sultan, not removing the Jihadist tyrant from textbooks

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Therefore, it is imperative that our children are taught the truth about Tipu Sultan.

Two days after Kamlesh Tiwari was brutally murdered by Jihadis, ‘seculars’ launch a tirade against Hindus to shield Islamism

The brutal murder of Hindu activist Kamlesh Tiwari for his remarks against the Muslim prophet has opened the pandora's box on social media.

Crazy old man who wants to give everyone everything for free wants India to gift Kashmir to Jihadis

US Politician and a Presidential aspirant for the 2020 elections, Bernie Sanders, has issued a statement on Kashmir.
Media reports attempt to paint terrorists as stylish young men who loved sports bikes

Mainstream media continues to whitewash terrorists, Zakir Musa is now ‘fashionable young boy’ who loved ‘cigarettes and sports bikes’

While the Pulwama attacker had said that he wants to kill the 'cow piss drinkers', Musa had stated that he wants to rid India of Hindus.
The overarching narrative of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana is that when Dharma is threatened, war becomes imperative.

Dharmayuddha is not Jihad: What Sitaram Yechury gets wrong

CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury has triggered a massive controversy with his recent comments on the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.
Pakistan refuses to claim the body of an intruder at Attari border who was shot dead by BSF

Caravan counting caste of martyrs was not just shoddy journalism, it was to help Jihad. Here is how

Ajaz Ashraf of The Caravan wrote a morbid report where had conducted a 'caste analysis' of our martyred soldiers

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