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India takes up Pakistan’s denial to use its airspace for PM Modi’s flight with International Civil Aviation Organisation

India complaints about Pakistan refusing overflight right to VVIP flight with International Civil Aviation Organisation
Decision to deny Indian President Ram Nath Kovind the use of Pakistani airspace was approved by Prime Minister Imran Khan

Pakistan refuses to allow President Kovind’s plane through its airspace

Pakistan had shut down its airspace for Indian planes after India's decision to abrogate Article 370 for Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistani federal minister says PM Imran Khan is considering complete closure of Pakistani airspace to India and land routes to Afghanistan

Pakistan PM is considering the closure of its airspace to India, and land routes for India-Afghanistan trade
Pakistani Twitter users ask their government to close 'Indian airspace'

Pakistani Twitter users get a brainwave, they want Imran Khan to ‘shut down Indian Airspace’

Pakistani Twitter users have been asking Imran Khan to teach Modi a lesson by 'shutting down Indian Airspace'.

Article 370 fallout: Pakistan partially shuts down airspace between India and Pakistan for a month

Three segments of international flight route connecting Lahore has been shut for 8 hours a day till 5th September
50 fake Twitter handles impersonating Indian Army officers suspended

Scared of a Balakot redux, Pakistan to shut its airspace for Indian flights yet again: Reports

Pakistan is all set to shut its airspace for Indian flights and carriers all over again after India effectively abrogated all provisions of Article 370 and stripped Jammu and Kashmir off its 'special status'.
Pakistan refuses to open its airspace; asks India to first deescalate

Pakistan not to open airspace until India withdraws fighter jets from forward airbases

The closure of airspace has cost about Rs 700 crore loss to Pakistan until June end, which is reeling under an unprecedented economic crisis.

Dainik Bhaskar publishes exaggerated amounts as extra cost to air travellers due to closure of Pakistani airspace

Dainik Bhaskar says daily 70000 air travellers are paying 5 times extra due to the closure of Pakistani airspace
50 fake Twitter handles impersonating Indian Army officers suspended

After saying ‘only trees were burnt’, Pakistan says Eastern airspace will remain shut till India promises not to repeat Balakot

Pakistan has asserted that it will open its Eastern airspace for flights to and from New Delhi only if India promises not to repeat a Balakot like operation inside Pakistan's territory

Govt of India decides that PM Modi’s aircraft won’t use Pakistan airspace to fly to Kyrgyzstan for the SCO meet

After Pakistan approved Indian request to fly over Pakistan, India decides that PM Modi’s aircraft won’t fly over Pakistan for going to Kyrgyzstan
Image Source: Twitter

‘IAF is in a high state of preparedness’: Indian Air Force issues statement on Pakistan airspace shutdown

In its statement, the IAF said, "The Indian Air Force is in a high state of preparedness, to proactively engage any perceived threat in the present security scenario."
Khan’s speech laced with blatant Hinduphobia and terror threats against India had zero effect as the people of PoK , who reciprocated with "Imran Khan go back" slogans

Pakistan extends shut down of its airspace till March 7th

The Pakistani government has extended the shutdown of its airspace by another day until the 7th of March. Limited flights have been permitted in Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi and Quetta.
Behind the read alert: There’s more to the airspace lockdown in Pakistan than meets the eye

Behind the red alert: There’s more to the airspace lockdown in Pakistan than meets the eye

Pakistan is on high alert after the Indian Air Force’s unexpected strikes on Balakot’s terror camps. But what purpose does an immediate lockdown of the airspace serve, other than to raise guard in anticipation of further attacks?

Panic-stricken Pakistan keeps its airspace shut till March 4, four airports partially opened but airlines avoid operations

India's hard-core retaliation first in the form of an ariel airstrike and then its befitting reply to the infringement by Pakistan army into Indian airspace has left Pakistan fragmentized and jittery

China cancels all flights to and from Pakistan as the airspace over the country remains shut for the third day

The Beijing Capital International Airport has cancelled all flights to and from Pakistan, including connecting flights, for the last two days. It is still unknown whether flights will fly from the Airport on Friday, reported state-run Global Times.
IAF jets intercepted the Georgian plane deviated from its path

Day after Pakistan’s F-16 jet was shot down, Pakistan again attempts to enter Indian airspace: Reports

Pakistan has made another attempt to intrude into Indian airspace on Thursday morning.

US, France, others back India’s right to self-defence even as Pakistan cries foul over its airspace violation

Many globals powers refrained from siding with Pakistan and have defended India's right to self-defence, while also calling for restraint.

Indo-Pak tension: Several flights flying over Pakistan return or divert route to avoid Pakistani airspace

As per flight tracking data, several flights flying over Pakistani airspace have returned, or diverted to avoid Pakistani airspace

Pakistan Airforce’s F16 that violated Indian airspace shot down by Indian Air Force : Reports

Initial reports indicate that Pakistan Airforce attempted to infiltrate Indian airspace on Wednesday.
Report says a top US diplomat had reprimanded Pakistan for its usage of US-supplied F16 against India, violations terms of agreement between US and Pakistan

Report claims US State Department had reprimanded Pakistan for F16 use against India: Read details

Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman's Mig 21 Bison had shot down an F16. India had highlighted the usage of Pakistan's US-supplied F16s and AMRAM missiles against India in February this year, just after the Balakot airstrike.
Imran Khan goes on a deranged rant to condemn the passage of the CAB bill in Lok Sabha

Pakistan PM Imran Khan goes on a deranged rant to oppose the passage of CAB in Lok Sabha, invokes ‘bilateral agreements’

Indian Lok Sabha passes the Citizenship Amendment Bill tabled by HM Amit Shah, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan loses his mind.

54 years ago on this day, Pakistan killed an Indian Chief Minister because his plane was flying ‘too close’ to Indo-Pak border

On 19th September 1965, we were in middle of the 1965 India-Pakistan war. The then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Balwant Rai Mehta, a tall Congress leader died after the civilian aircraft he was travelling with seven others was shot down by a Pakistani airforce pilot near Indo-Pak border in the Rann of Kutch.

Pakistan can’t seem to catch a break on social media: Indians speculate if Pakistan issued missile warning because of Twitter trolls

Pakistan issues NOTAM and Naval warning, Indian Right Wing meme masters have whale of a time
PM Modi mocks Rahul Gandhi's 'late reaction', calls him tube light

‘Tight slap to Pakistan’: Here are the awards that Prime Minister Modi has received from Islamic nations since 2014

PM Modi has received several honours from Islamic nations since 2014

‘Priyanka Chopra has the right to speak in personal capacity’: UNICEF rubbishes Pakistan’s petition to have her removed as Ambassador

UNICEF said that Priyanka Chopra retains the right to speak in her personal capacity on issues concerning her
No exchange of sweets between BSF and Pakistan rangers this Eid on the Wagah Attari border

Pakistan sulking: No traditional exchange of sweets on Eid at Wagah-Attari border between BSF and rangers

After India stripped Article 370 and bifurcated Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan has taken many steps in frustration that are bound to hurt itself more than India.
India slams China's assertions over J and K bifurcation, says it is internal matter

It is time for Pakistan to accept the reality and stop interfering in internal affairs of other countries: MEA

It is time for Pakistan to accept the reality and stop interfering in internal affairs of other countries: Govt of India

Rattled after abrogation of Article 370, Pakistan snaps bilateral trade and downgrades diplomatic ties with India

Pakistan PM Imran Khan chaired a National Security meet to discuss the future course of action to be taken up Pakistan after India's move to abrogate Article 370
Pakistan's propaganda machinery attempts to circulate a fake 'death certificate' of an alleged Pakistani army veteran, could not spell Delhi correctly

After deciding the national price for roti and naan, Pakistan focuses on ‘Kashmiri struggle’, Asif Ghafoor says ‘will go to any extent’

This grandstanding by Asif Ghafoor on Kashmir comes right after Pakistan and its Prime Minister have found sometime after deciding on issues of national importance such as the national price of Roti and Naan. 
Indian Air Chief on Balakot

They couldn’t strike our military bases as they couldn’t even cross LOC: Air Chief Marshal on Pakistan’s reaction after Balakot

Air Chief Marshall, BS Dhanoa, speaking about the Balakot airstrikes against Pakistan said that none of the Pakistan fighter jets was able to cross the Line of Control (LOC).

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