Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Columnist with Shekhar Gupta’s The Print spreads fake news claiming that Hindutva radicals destroyed a Muslim graveyard

Activists, admin and police demolish illegal majar on govt land, The Print columnist claims Hindutva radicals destroyed a Muslim graveyard

The Print columnist, who is a serial fake news peddler, now spreads Taliban propaganda: Details

ThePrint columnist CJ Werleman spread Taliban propaganda after the group managed to capture Kabul.

The Print tries to malign scientist Govardhan Das based on anonymous comments on PubPeer: Here is what happened

The Print had conceded that critical comments against Govardhan Das on PubPeer were not proof of research fraud.

The Print uses sero survey results to claim 92.65 crore Indians were infected with Covid-19: Here is why they are wrong

The Print didn't consider that sero survey included vaccinated people and healthcare workers, which resulted in skewed result

Ex-IAS officer who advocated for ‘laal batti’ elitism in The Print article was notorious for absconding from work: Details

Former IAS Samir Singh Chandel(R) had penned an article in The Print lamenting that the removal of the red beacon had stripped officials of the prestige and authority required to generate motivation for work.

After fanning vaccine hesitancy, The Print blames Telegram, Instagram and Central Govt for growth of anti-vaxxer groups

ThePrint is now blaming groups on Telegram and Instagram for spreading anti-vaxxer rumours among people.

The Print comes up with bizarre analysis to prove that the Central Vista toolkit is fake after Congress admitted it to be genuine

Congress claims that Central Vista toolkit is real and Covid-19 toolkit is fake, but The Print proves the real one as fake

‘We were used by media, everyone from DM to CMO helped’: Family of RSS worker who died of COVID denies The Print report of...

Phone call recordings expose lies of The Print alleging that RSS worker didn't get help from govt before dying of Covid-19

Shekhar Gupta’s The Print declares Instagram Reels casteist, claims dancing Savarnas marginalise Dalits through ‘modern casteism’

The Print article makes it abundantly clear that Instagram Reels are the next great enemy that must be overcome.

Blast from the past – Now The Print journalist’s complicated relationship with math gets exposed, video goes viral

In April 2020, during an interview, The Print journalist Jyoti Malhotra got confused about the difference between one million and 85,000
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