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Uttar Pradesh: Shaqir and Sabir arrested over communal clash on Holi which killed one and injured four

A scuffle ensued as the people of the minority community assaulted Jaiprakash and others for throwing colour on them
Goat strays in a field, leading to communal tension

Uttar Pradesh: A straying goat instigates communal disorder yet again, several injured in subsequent clashes

Though goats are known to be one the most docile living creatures, they have lately become the source for such communal tensions in Uttar Pradesh
Goat strays in a field, leading to communal tension

Stone pelting and communal clashes follow after a goat hits a man in Uttar Pradesh

Goats, contrary to their generally peaceful demeanor, have been known to be a reason for communal clashes.

Meerut: Communal tension after a video showing Muslim men beating up shopkeepers goes viral

A viral video where Muslim men are beating up a shopkeeper has triggered communal tensions in Meerut

Bijnor: Asif, Rafiq and Rihan shoot three Dalit men over argument, police on high alert fearing communal clashes

Bulaki Singh's son, Somapal has registered a complaint against the accused. The police have been investigating the matter closely. Meanwhile, the car used in the murder has been recovered from Delhi.

Communal violence, stone pelting in Agra after one group opposes organising Shivratri in the locality

Chasmuddin’s side opposed placing a shivling for shivratri, and clashed with people from Balmiki basti

Communal violence between Dalits and Muslims in Uttar Pradesh leaves several people injured

The communal violence which involved stone pelting and heavy firing has left a number of people injured.

Agra: Communal violence erupts between two communities, Akram, Yusuf and others accused of attacking Dalit houses

The houses of the people in the Dalit were allegedly attacked by people from the Muslim community.

Communal tension erupts in Meerut after shop owner beats up Dalit boy for demanding pending payment for cleaning his shop

The victim worked as a sweeper at the tea shop owned by the Muslim man.

Father of youth killed during Kasganj communal violence, starts receiving death threats

The father has alleged that he received death threats on Thursday

Reports suggest Kasganj’s Chamunda temple could have been the epicenter of communal tension, days before Tiranga Yatra

Was the tiranga yatra just the final straw which broke the camel's back?

Clashes in Kanpur after Muharram procession deliberately deviates from its assigned path

Various communal incidences have taken place across the country
Meerut Hindu-Muslim clash

Cricket and Dog – latest reasons of Hindu-Muslim clashes at two places in Meerut

In both cases, petty fights were blown into communal clashes and police had to be deployed.

Dalit-Muslim clashes in Pilibhit after casteist slurs thrown in petty fight

Police has been deployed in the area after the communal clashes and current situation is under control.
Delhi Police to speak to community leaders to end Shaheen Bagh protests after HC order

‘Jinnah wali Azadi’ slogans raised at Shaheen Bagh: The true face of anti-CAA protests and what these slogans mean

A video has now surfaced from the Shaheen Bagh protest where slogans like "Jinnah Wali Azadi" can be heard.
NDTV shields Muslim rioters, says not 57 but only 1 police officer suffered bullet wounds, UP police calls the lies out

NDTV shields Muslim rioters, says not 57 but could find only 1 police officer who suffered bullet wounds, UP police calls the lies out

The Uttar Pradesh police took to Twitter to fact-check NDTV and call out their lies on the anti-CAA riots
Rapid Action Force anti-rot shield

Rapid Action Force to get hi-tech riot gears, shock shields to tackle frenzied anti-CAA rioters in Delhi

Rapid Action Force called to control the anti-CAA riots will use shock shields and other hi-tech riot gear

As Islamist mobs set buses on fire and attack temples to oppose CAA, Rajdeep Sardesai paints them all as peaceful and patriotic

Rajdeep Sardesai, one such "journalist" took to Twitter today to spread more lies about the anti-CAA riots.
FIR filed against Kafeel Khan over allegedly provocative speech inside AMU on December 13

AMU: FIR against Dr Kafeel Khan for provocative AMU speech on CAA and NRC

Kafeel Khan was booked under section 153-A on the 13th of December for his speech in Aligarh which was allegedly provocative and an attempt to vitiate the atmosphere and spread communal disharmony.
In 2015 and early 2016, there were violent protests calling for Kamlesh Tiwari's death over his so-called 'blasphemous' remarks

Lest we forget: When countless Muslims marched, went on a rampage and rioted demanding the head of Kamlesh Tiwari

In December 2015, protests had broken out in several cities, from north to south, east to west, demanding a death sentence for Kamlesh Tiwari because he had called prophet Muhammad gay.
How The Quint whitewashed the Islamist attack on Hindus in Balrampur

Ready to dance on dead bodies of Hindus: How Raghav Bahl’s website whitewashed Islamist attack on Durga visarjan

Durga Puja Visarjan procession in Balrampur came under attack by a strong Muslim mob and The Quint is ready to dance on the dead bodies of Hindus in an attempt to whitewash the Islamist attack
Kidnapping of a 15-year-old Hindu girl triggers violence in UP's Samaira village

Kidnapping of a minor Hindu girl in a village near Agra triggers violence, shops torched

About 15 shops in a street were torched by a mob late in the evening. In retaliation, the people from the opposite side also reportedly attacked the houses and families of the former community. 

25 crimes that prove that the Dalit-Muslim unity is nothing but a farce

Politicians from the secular establishment have been making a concerted attempt to create a 'Dalit-Muslim unity' narrative.

Bahraich: Muslim mob attacks family over argument, injures six, pelts stones at intervening police team

As per reports, when the police arrived to calm the situation, the mob even attacked the policemen and pelted stoned at them.

Meerut: Yogi govt swings into action after complaint on NaMo app claims 125 Hindu families migrate to “safer localities” alleging harassment by Muslims

Hindu's are being forced to dispose of their houses at rates much lesser than the current market value

‘Dara Hua Musalman’? Here is a list of 50 hate crimes that busts the narrative

In this article, we document a list of hate crimes committed by Muslims since 2016 which would dispel the narrative of 'Dara Hua Musalman'.

The Hindu repeats ‘dara hua musalman’ narrative as Muslim mobs go on rampage and BJP workers are killed post Modi’s victory

The Hindu relies on 2 incidents where the police have summarily denied communal angles to allege that Muslims are scared in Modi's India
Another Love Jihad case reported in Kerala

Love Jihad in Meerut: Minor Hindu girl forcefully converted to Islam and married off, police arrests three accused

Since the girl belonged to the Hindu community, many Hindu organisations and the girl's relatives protested outside the Brahmpuri police station

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