Saturday, June 19, 2021


Greta toolkit case: Delhi court grants bail to accused Disha Ravi

Disha Ravi, a Bengaluru based 'climate activist' was arrested by the Delhi Police for her alleged role in creating and distributing the ‘toolkit’ related to the farmer protests.

Shashi Tharoor plays by Greta toolkit, tweets sexually suggestive meme to mock Yoga and demean women while criticising Modi govt

Shashi Tharoor plays by Greta toolkit, tweets sexually suggestive meme to mock Yoga and demean women while criticising Modi govt

Aam Aadmi Party, ‘Farmers protest’, Greta toolkit and Khalistan: The dots that need to be connected

While Congress fanned a protest with clear Khalistani roots, AAP too, it would seem, was inextricably involved with the global conspiracy against India.

Khalistani links of Pieter Friedrich whose name surfaced in the Greta toolkit conspiracy: From being ready to work as a security guard to an...

A report by the Disinfo Lab has gone viral on social media which makes some startling claims about Pieter Friedrich.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor comes out in support of Greta toolkit editor Disha Ravi, spreads fake news about arrested cop Davinder Singh

Contrary to claims of Shashi Tharoor, arrested J&K cop Davinder Singh remains in jail despite securing bail in one case against him

Investigating Super bowl ‘farmer protest’ ad: Greta toolkit, ties to George Soros and a track that glorifies Bhindranwale

Social media was abuzz after it was claimed that an ad in support of the protests was aired during the Super Bowl.

Trolley Times, Greta toolkit’s ‘reliable news source’, peddles Washington DC woman’s false claims of ‘bombs dropped at protest site’: Details

Trolley Times has claimed on Twitter that the bombs are being dropped at the protest sites through helicopters.

Greta Thunberg rallies in defence of Disha Ravi after landing the Indian ‘toolkit activist’ in trouble: Details

It is pertinent to recall that it was Greta Thunberg herself who landed Disha Ravi in trouble after leaking the 'toolkit'.

‘We will make sure you are in the clear’: A panic-stricken Disha Ravi had told a panic-stricken Greta Thunberg after the Toolkit was tweeted

Moments after Greta Thunberg tweeted the "toolkit", climate activist Disha Ravi asked her not to tweet the toolkit as their names were on it and they could face charges under the UAPA

Shantanu Muluk, co-accused in Greta ‘toolkit’ case receives support from his cousin who is a Shiv Sena leader

Sachin Muluk said that his brother is a 'criminal' only if supporting farmers in their demands to repeal the farm Laws is a crime.

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