Monday, June 27, 2022


‘He enticed victim when she was 13’: In a Grooming Jihad case, Allahabad HC rejects bail of Anwar Ali who forced a minor to...

Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court recognised the menace of Grooming Jihad and rejected the bail plea of a married Muslim man who lured a Hindu minor girl

UP: Another Grooming Jihad case in Bareilly, minor girl raped, blackmailed over obscene video by Kasim who claimed to be ‘Rahul’

Kasim, a daily wage worker, had reportedly claimed to be 'Rahul' and had lured the minor girl into a relationship.

Grooming jihad in Jharkhand: Hasnain Ansari becomes Aman Mehto to lure Hindu girl, spikes food, rapes her, leaks video after his identity is revealed

On March 11, 2022, a video of a 21-year-old girl revealing how she became a victim of grooming jihad in Ramgarh, Jharkhand was shared on Twitter

Of fear and favour: Why Hindu women seldom speak out on the atrocities unleashed upon them in grooming jihad

How lopsided narratives on religious persecution built by popular media and 'liberal' voices don't let more Hindus speak up on the atrocities unleashed upon them.

Grooming Jihad in Madhya Pradesh: Minor girl lured into marriage by Arbaaz posing as Vishal, gang-raped and pressurised to accept Islam

The girl fled her home to marry Arbaaz, who along with his friend Sadiq raped her and forced her to embrace Islam

Of mysterious water in dargahs, black magic and exploitation: Grooming jihad horrors from the hinterland of Gujarat

Part two of ground report from Gujarat on grooming jihad, Disturbed Areas Act and forced religious conversion.

Grooming Jihad in Uttar Pradesh: Shoaib Irshad becomes Shiva to trap Hindu girl, abducts and brainwashes to convert to Islam, arrested

Another grooming Jihad case in UP, Shoaib Irshad becomes Shiva to trap Hindu girl studying in BSc first year in Etah

Grooming Jihad in Surat: Malik Mohammad becomes Rahul Patel to trap a minor Hindu girl, arrested after he abducted and raped her

21-year-old Malik Mohammad had trapped 17-year-old Hindu girl from Surat using the name Rahul Patel, and then kidnapped and raped her

Ghaziabad Grooming Jihad: Sahil Khan turns Sahil Singh to lure Hindu girl into marriage, issues death threat for refusing to embrace Islam

A Muslim man assumed a Hindu identity to lure a Hindu girl into marriage in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Grooming Jihad: Waseem pretends to be ‘Akash’ trying to convert Hindu women to Islam, raped her, threatened to leak revenge porn

By withholding this critical information about his religious identity, he managed to win the trust of the victim and then continued to sexually abuse the victim.
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