Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Imran Taliban Khan, the Joker commander of a terrorist nation: It has been 8 days, and Pakistan’s ‘1-week’ propaganda about India has still not...

Taking to Twitter on June 11, the Prime Minister of the terror-state of Pakistan Imran Khan had shared a report by a Pakistani news daily and claimed that 34% Indians won't be able to survive without immediate assistance beyond a week.

Saudi Arabia Prince gifts gold-plated Kalashnikov rifle to ‘Taliban Khan’

Ironically, Kalashnikovs are the weapon of choice for Islamic terrorists. In 2015, more attacks were carried out with Kalashnikov-type assault rifles than any other device in Europe.

‘Imran Khan is a coward for always playing it safe’: Senior journalist slams Pakistan PM for not condemning Taliban, Hafiz Saeed

Pakistani journalist Marvi Sirmed said Imran Khan never condemned terror group Taliban despite them killing innocent children

From sending heart emojis to Taliban to urging Mathura Muslims to pick up arms: Meet Jawwad Khan who celebrated Gen Rawat’s death

Jawwad Khan had shared an image of General Rawat and said he got burnt alive even before entering jahannum. A glance at his Twitter profile revealed more disturbing aspects about him

Pakistan PM Imran Khan again praises Taliban, says India is rich hence controlling world cricket: Details

Khan specifically requested the United States to initiate a dialogue with the Taliban government in Afghanistan saying if the US does not take the lead, Pakistan will be most affected by it.

Malala praises Imran Khan for standing up for girls’ education after Pakistan harboured and nurtured Taliban which shot her in the head

Khan was quoted by BBC as saying, "I think they (Taliban) will allow women to go to schools. The idea that women should not be educated is just not Islamic. It has nothing to do with religion."

Pakistan: Nuclear scientist accuses Imran Khan govt of Talibanising education, forcing burqa upon women, TV host wears hijab in protest

Pakistani nuclear physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy slammed Imran Khan govt over 'Talibanisation' of education under new Single National Curriculum

Jharkhand Congress MLA Irfan Ansari praises Taliban for chasing away Americans, claims foreign troops committed atrocities and Afghans happy now

Irfan Ansari said USA is responsible for injustice and violation of human rights in Afghanistan while defending the Taliban.

Watch: Pakistan’s Jamia Hafsa organises event to celebrate Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, calls them ‘Khanjar hai Kafiro pe’

In the video, one can see the girls, wearing burqas and headscarves with Taliban flag in the background. The girls are singing 'Salam Taliban'.

Imran Khan hails Taliban rule in Afghanistan, says ‘chains of mental slavery broken’

During the launch of the 'Single National Curriculum' in Islamabad, he justified the Taliban's actions by claiming that the Afghan population had broken the 'chains of slavery'.
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