Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Watch: Man talks drivel during Shaheen Bagh demolition drive with the help of TheWire, says ‘Muslim minds being demolished’

Amidst the ongoing Municipal Corporation's anti-encroachment drive in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh, the Leftist-Islamist outlet TheWire has attempted to oppose the move

As Muslim mobs attack Hindus, The Wire’s jihad apologist shames victims, asks Hindus to behave like virtuous Muslims after the 9/11 terror attack

Arfa Khanum has skilfully sought to pin the whole blame for the violence on Hindus while rejecting the role of Muslims.

If you are a vegetarian or practising Hindu working with TheWire, they will find joy in desecrating your faith, just like Islamists

The confession of a The Wire intern that she has been using microwave ovens meant for vegetarians to heat meat reveals the malevolence harboured by liberals against vegetarians.

Founding editor of TheWire, Siddharth Varadarajan, his fictitious tales and agenda journalism: How he spun a yarn yet again

“I’m not easily given to pessimism” declared Siddharth Varadarajan this morning while doing, what he does best - manufacture an imagined story

Pakistan: Opposition lawmakers in Punjab hold assembly session in a hotel and ‘elect’ new CM after the assembly was sealed with barbed wires

Pakistan: Opposition parties of Punjab led by PML-Nawaz held an assembly session at a hotel to elect a new CM

The Wire journalist tells a woman who felt violated to ‘not weaponise her privilege’ against man who ‘was from lower-class chain’

A woman on Twitter expresses her ordeal at a hospital where she felt violated by a hospital staff during a medical procedure, but The Wire journalist asked her not to 'weaponise her privilege'

The Wire’s Karan Thapar uses Pakistani platform to spread misinformation on Hindus, Hinduism and Modi, read what happened

Pakistani think tank provides platform to The Wire's Karan Thapar to rant against Hindus, PM Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Hijab verdict: Leftist portal The Wire loses it after Karnataka High Court order, compares it to death camps under Nazi Germany

The Wire, got so upset with High Court decision disallowing hijab in schools, that they compared it to Nazi Germany and Hitler's death camps.

Journalist with bylines in The Wire and HW News, who tried to fan violence in Tripura, now seen trying to use Indian students in...

On November 13 last year, the Tripura Police had detained Samriddhi K Sakunia for publishing fake news, with the intent to spread communal violence.

Delhi HC orders Audrey Truschke to take down defamatory tweets against Vikram Sampath: TheWire, Sharjeel Imam and more, what happened in court

"Vikram Sampath has made a prime Facie case. The case puts apprehensions in our mind that you want to sensationalise!" Delhi HC said while slamming Truschke's lawyer
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