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Mamata Banerjee appoints senior member of NGO funded by US State Department, British High Commission to investigate Pegasus

The West Bengal commission to investigate Pegasus is to be headed by former judge of the Supreme Court Madan Lokur.

From Suresh Raina to Neena Gupta: Clout chasing and perverse incentive structure that makes people hound them crying ‘Brahminism’

Actress Neena Gupta is being targeted over a paneer ad. The left-wing outrage mob has branded the ad casteist for emphasising hygiene.

The ‘Om Shanti’ vs ‘RIP’ debate: How it is symbolic of a cultural shift and liberals are powerless to stop it

According to liberal, the expression 'Om Shanti' is symbolic of the rising 'Hindutva fascism' in the country.

Why Pegasus snoopgate is concerning: Forbidden Stories, links to US establishment and regime change propaganda in middle east

The Wire published what it called an 'explosive story' on Sunday involving allegations of spying with spyware Pegasus.

Twitter censors tweets that exposed liberal hypocrisy over Danish Siddiqui’s photograph, calls it ‘abuse’ and ‘harassment’

Twitter is finding new ways to censor political opinion it is not fond of. This time, it is related to a photograph of Danish Siddiqui.

There are no rules anymore: How journalists have only themselves to blame for the viral photo of Danish Siddiqui’s corpse

Reuters photojournalist Danish Siddiqui was killed in Afghanistan during clashes with Taliban and a photo of his dead body is now viral.

Inspired by China’s gold medal demand for human rights, English fan who inserted flare inside anus demands gallantry award for bravery

An English football fan, inspired by China, who was captured on camera with flares inside his anus has demanded a gallantry award.

How ThePrint tried to normalise relationship between 23 year old man and 13 year old girl in the Kashmir Sikh conversion controversy

ThePrint journalist spoke to Shahid Nazir Bhatt who made some rather intriguing comments on the Kashmir Sikh girl case.

Photo of NASA intern with Hindu Gods and Goddesses on her table sparks Hinduphobic meltdown: How Roy was attacked for her Hindu faith

NASA intern Pratima Roy became a victim of Hinduphobic attacks after the space research agency shared her photo with her Gods.

Why UP Law Commission’s draft population control bill is likely to face most challenges from Muslim community

The draft Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill, 2021 contains numerous incentives for people to have two children.